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Alessi - Blow Up Collection

Alessi - Blow Up Collection, 16-6

Humberto & Fernando Campana are known for their creations that seamlessly combine art and design. The furniture and objects by the Brazilian brothers don't seem to be arranged in the usual industrial way, instead from the artists' hands, put together spontaneously and haphazardly. This at first can annoy the observer, though the Campana brothers' works create the impression of instability and simultaneous liveliness.

The Blow Up Collection, designed by Humberto & Fernando Campana for Alessi, is a supreme example of the brothers' design philosophy: the designs appear arranged as if by chance and are reminiscent of Mikado sticks or explosions. Sometimes the apparent chaos creates a bowl, plate or fruit basket. Even a newspaper rack and umbrella stand can come from the unique design philosophy, making it an all-rounder.

The lively geometric interplay of shadows is also interesting, since it looks different depending on the room's light. Humberto and Fernando Campana chose mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel as material for the Blow Up objects. To celebrate the anniversary of the collaboration with Alessi, the Campana brothers are also presenting the "Blow Up Bamboo" series: bamboo is now the key material.An eye-catching contrast to the otherwise cold materiality of the Blow Up Collection by Alessi.