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Ambivalence - Fläpps

Ambivalence - Fläpps

Strikingly restrained - the Fläpps system

The Fläpps system by Ambivalenz is a modular and multifunctional wall system for all areas of living and working. When folded in, the extra flat modules are hardly noticeable on the wall and do not take up any space. When unfolded, the system Fläpps system offers an infinite variety of uses.

Wall shelves, secretaries, wardrobes, tables and much more can be put together from 14 modules in three widths, five heights and 3 depths. Each module on its own is modern, space-saving, functional and yet an eye-catcher. Together, the modules allow you to make the most of entire walls when you need them.

" Fläpps is gloriously minimalist, well thought out down to the felt tip. A modular wall system without rules."