The design brand Auerberg produces high quality products - like the Tray Table made of wood. Thanks to a border glasses can be put down the table without any problems.


Internationally renowned designers and architects design products far from marketing-logics. Auerberg is directed to people that are delighted by authentic objects and their histories.

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Auerberg - AEKI Stool Auerberg - AEKI stool, oiled oak wood £193.00 *Auerberg - Blowpipe Bouffadou Auerberg - Bouffadou blowpipe £43.00 *Auerberg - Stool “Kleiner Bruder” Auerberg - Stool “Kleiner Bruder” £87.00 *Auerberg - Bottle Box Auerberg - Bottle Box, oiled ash / oak £146.00 *Auerberg - Whiskey Glass Auerberg - Whiskey glass £24.00 *Auerberg - Binchotan coal Auerberg - Binchotan coal £31.00 *Auerberg - Schnaps Glass Auerberg - Schnaps Glass £17.00 *Auerberg - Tray-Table -6% Auerberg - tray table small, oak / black aluminium tray (set) RRP £236.00 £222.99 *Auerberg - G-Stool Auerberg - G-Stool, oak £186.00 *Auerberg - Wardrobe "Diener" (Servant) Auerberg - ‘Servant’ coat stand £172.00 *Auerberg - Bushel Board Auerberg - Bushel Board £43.00 *Auerberg - Tray Board Auerberg - Tray Board £43.00 *Auerberg - Coffee Tin “Black Magic” Auerberg - Coffee Tin “Black Magic” £21.00 *Auerberg - Wire Basket Auerberg - Wire Basket £33.00 *Auerberg - Water Carafe Auerberg - Water carafe, H 32 x Ø 9 cm £102.00 *Auerberg - Water glass Auerberg - Glass, H 14 x Ø 8.5 cm £26.00 *Auerberg - Lantern Gerhard Auerberg - Lantern Gerhard £261.00 *Auerberg - Tavern Stool H 46 cm Auerberg - Tavern Stool H 46 cm, oak £165.00 *Auerberg - Spanish Coat Rack Auerberg - Spanish Coat Rack £172.00 *Auerberg - Book Cart Auerberg - Book Cart, white £428.00 *Auerberg - Tray-Table Auerberg - Tray Table, small £176.00 *Auerberg - Tray-Table Auerberg - Tray Table, large £175.00 *Auerberg - Water glass Auerberg - Glass, H 11 x Ø 8.5 cm £25.00 *Auerberg - Book Box Auerberg - Book Box £216.00 *Auerberg - Square Box Auerberg - Square Box £834.00 *Auerberg - Bookend Brenner Auerberg - Bookend Brenner £164.00 *Auerberg - Aluminium Tray Auerberg - Aluminium Tray, black £75.00 *Auerberg - Meat Chopping Board Auerberg - Meat chopping board £43.00 *Auerberg - Sand Box Auerberg - Sand Box, small £84.00 *Auerberg - Sand Box Auerberg - Sand Box, large £93.00 *Auerberg - Glass Basket Auerberg - Glass basket, blue £216.00 *Auerberg - Wine Carafe Auerberg - Wine Carafe, h 28 x Ø 6 cm £93.00 *Auerberg - Wirtshaus Chair Auerberg - Wirtshaus Chair, oak £219.00 *Auerberg - Wirtshaus Stool Auerberg - Wirtshaus Stool, oak £202.00 *Auerberg - Sancho & Pancho Stool Auerberg - Sancho Stool, H 35 cm £192.00 *Auerberg - Sancho & Pancho Stool Auerberg - Pancho Stool, H 46 cm £192.00 *

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Auerberg – Radical subjective

Furniture and accessories of designers for designers

The brand: Independent

Internationally renowned designers and architects design products far from marketing-logics. According to the example of the publishing company, Auerberg doesn't follow a products dictate in its design philosophy. The relevant target audience is clearly defined: Auerberg is directed to people that are delighted by authentic objects and their histories. Auerberg offers market access of this products in small series.

The products: radical subjective

Exceptional designers create products full of identity which is radically subjective, only following the own motives, for Auerberg. Thereby products emerge which wouldn't survive the market after common market-research and marketing logics. Independent from industrial measures, the designers work along the borders of the reachable, to enter new ways in form, function or materiality. The personal history behind products make them authentic, unmistakable and desired - for all those that want a special status for their lives.

The designer: Own experiences

The namely designers and architects could be delighted by the Auerberg ideas. Everyone was especially caught by the free work in the border between tradition and innovation. To reinterpret a familiar product in form and function and to develop it by own experiences, these things raise motivation; since not often there is the opportunity of continuing a dialogue until the user, for the designer. Tobias Grau, Daniele Della Pellegrina and the initiator Christoph Böninger belong to the group of Auerberg designers besides the designers and architects Herbert Schultes, Alfredo Häberli, Fritz Frenkler, Emanuela Frattini-Magnusson and James Irvine.

The Auerberg collection:

Every spring and autumn the Auerberg collection is presented in the catalogue with theme focal points. The first collection presented both focal points: book and table cultures. The preparation mainly runs in small companies in south Germany, not far from Auerberg.

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