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Brooms Copenhagen - Eli tableware

Brooms Copenhagen - Eli tableware

Japanese inspired ceramic tableware

The minimalist Eli tableware by Broste Copenhagen is characterised by its rounded edges and soft colours, which evoke associations with modern Japanese tableware. Japanese culture has a fine, refined aesthetic, which nowhere is more evident than on the dining table.

The tableware collection has mainly an aesthetic value and consists of five ceramic objects: cups with or without handles, a small charming jug, a bowl and a rectangular plate. They all have one thing in common: the characteristic, differently coloured base of the objects, which is reminiscent of small feet.

Different glaze types and colours

Eli is designed in different coloured glazes that give her a playful touch, while the reactive glaze creates an organic feel and ensures that two objects are not exactly the same.

But the playfulness does not stop here: Only the soft blue has a shiny glaze - it reflects the light and sets lively accents on the surfaces. The matt finish of the other objects is non-reflective and has a subtle surface structure reminiscent of natural stone.

Perfect for combining

The lively and soft design language of Eli tableware provides everyday design pleasure and invites you to mix it with other colours and tableware. The Eli products complement each other wonderfully and are perfect for creating a unique and breathtaking dining table.