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Design toilet brushes - how to find the right one for your home

  1. Free-standing versus wall-mounted
  2. Different shapes
  3. The material - toilet brush and holder
  4. Combination sets - toilet brush, toilet roll holder and co.
  5. Conclusion

1. Toilet brush - wall mounting or freestanding?

A stand model can be placed very individually and moved around as required. Alternatively, the toilet brush is mounted with a wall bracket. This ensures convenient handling and the toilet brush does not have to be moved aside when cleaning the floor.

Standing in front of the toilet, the toilet brush is usually on the right side, as most people are right-handed.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Pay attention to the mounting height of a wall-mounted toilet brush. The handle should extend about 5 inches above the toilet lid. This way it is easy to grip, but not in focus." - Viktoria, interior design expert

2. The shape of the toilet brush holder

There are various shapes to choose from. Toilet brush holders with a lid completely conceal the brush when not in use. Other variants are open at the top , so that the toilet brush can be inserted from above. With a side opening, the brush is almost completely visible, but the opening can be turned towards the wall if required.

Shape of toilet brushes

In addition, make sure that excess water can be easily disposed of. This is possible by having a smooth inner surface of the container or glazing in the case of stoneware. An additional plastic container inside that can be removed is also practical. In addition, the brushes should be replaceable.

3. Material of toilet brush and toilet brush holder

The brush head - how good are silicone toilet brushes?
The classic plastic bristles of a toilet brush are suitable for occasional use. On the upswing are toilet brushes made of silicone. With their rubber-like surface, they are considered to be more durable, long-lasting, hygienic and effective.

Toilet brush head

The shape of the brush head is usually semi-circular, but there are also D-shaped models. With these flexible and flat silicone toilet brushes, even difficult places can be reached.

The toilet brush holder
A holder made of plastic is classically available in white, gray, black or bright colors. Toilet brush holders made of high quality ceramics, porcelain and earthenware are eye-catchers due to their classic design. Stainless steel toilet brush refers to models where the handle or the entire holder is made of stainless steel or metal. They are sturdier and of higher quality and fit in with modern interiors. The industrial look is emphasized by containers made of concrete, which are characterized by the rough surface.

4. Multipurpose and bathroom accessories in a set

Multi-purpose - combining toilet paper holder, toilet brush and storage surface
There are practical models where several purposes are combined. Toilet brushes are combined with toilet paper holders, trays for the smartphone or storage for spare toilet paper rolls or cleaning products.

Multi-purpose toilet brushes

Toilet brush as part of a set
Together with other bathroom accessories such as toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, waste bins or toothbrush mugs, a uniform design can be created in the bathroom. This radiates calm and creates a harmonious overall impression.

5. Conclusion

  • Available are toilet brushes with wall mount or without, which are placed next to the toilet. As a rule, the toilet brush should be located to the right of the toilet.
  • There are toilet brush holders with a lid, so that the toilet brush is completely concealed, or variants that open upwards or sideways.
  • With flexible toilet brushes in a D-shape, even difficult places can be reached.
  • Silicone toilet brushes are more durable, long-lasting, hygienic and effective than classic plastic bristles.
  • 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products combine toilet paper holder, toilet brush or storage surface.
  • Many manufacturers offer series that consist of different bathroom accessories and create a uniform design in the bathroom.