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Design children's bed linen for the children's room

  1. Happy motifs for the children's room
  2. Dimensions of children's
  3. The perfect material for children's
  4. How to properly care children's bed linen
  5. Conclusion

1. Happy motifs for the children's room

Children's bedding can be designed with happy motifs and bright colors to make the playroom child-friendly. Models from byGraziela or ferm Living offer a nice selection here. If you want to make the children's room for sleeping rather calm and harmonious, use solid color children's, for example from Georg Jensen Damask.

Count cows, cats, rabbits and much more when you fall asleep

2. Dimensions of children's bedding

Children's bedding is significantly smaller than adult bedding and perfectly adapted to the corresponding mattress size. The standard size for duvets is 100 x 135/140 cm, while the pillow size varies depending on the manufacturer. Common sizes are 40 x 60 cm or 40 x 45 cm.

Small children sleep best in even smaller bed linen with blanket dimensions of 70 x 100 cm. The suitable pillow size is 40 x 45 cm.

Bedding size and mattress size in relation:

Children's bedding: the right size

1. Baby bedding | 2. Children's bed linen | 3. Adult

3. The perfect material for children's bedding

Especially with children's bedding, care should be taken to ensure that the material is easy to care for. Cotton is particularly suitable because it can be washed particularly hot. Cotton is also very suitable for people with allergies to house dust, since mites cannot penetrate high-quality woven cotton bed linen. In addition, cotton hugs perfectly and feels pleasantly light on the skin.

Linen is a nice alternative to cotton. The noble material from the flax plant quickly absorbs moisture and dries just as quickly. It feels pleasantly cool and airy on the skin, which makes it the perfect material, especially in summer.

Facet children's bedding by Georg Jensen Damask

4. How to care for children's bedding properly

Proper care is crucial so that children can enjoy their bedding for as long as possible. You will find helpful care tips below.

When should I change bed linen?
Textiles are everyday objects - and they are used every day. Up to eight hours of sleep is normal, even more in children. During this time, the body releases moisture, skin flakes loosen. In order to rest hygienically, the duvet covers should be washed every fourteen days. But this depends on your own hygiene needs and sleeping habits.

How to wash and dry bedding:
Cotton and linen tolerate high temperatures - however, make sure to protect the colors when using colorful children's bedding! Here, 40 degrees may be the right choice. When drying, it is important to carefully hang the sheets and covers smooth. Otherwise linen will quickly get unsightly creases. Many of our covers are also suitable for the dryer - please refer to our care instructions on the product pages.

Why you should wash bedding inside out:
Especially at high washing temperatures, textiles lose their color intensity in the long run. So that it stays with your bedding, it is recommended to wash the covers on the left. You should also close existing zippers when washing - this will prevent smaller washing parts from getting caught in the cover or getting caught on the zipper.

5. Conclusion

  • Colorful bed linen with happy motifs is perfect for the children's room. For a calm atmosphere when sleeping, a solid color look is recommended.
  • Duvet covers for children have the dimensions 100 x 135/140 cm. The matching pillow is 40 x 60.
  • The material of the children's bedding should be as easy to care for as possible. Cotton is particularly suitable because it can be washed hot, absorbs moisture well and is gentle on the skin.
Fruiticana bed linen from ferm Living

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