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Design bread baskets and bread bins - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Bread baskets vs. bread bins: which is suitable when?
  2. The right bread storage
  3. Conclusion

1. Bread baskets vs. bread bins: which is suitable when?

Bread baskets versus bread bins: which is suitable when?

The basic difference between a bread bin and a bread basket is that the former has a lid and so can be used not only for storage but also for serving. In this regard, the lid of the bread bin can often be used as a cutting board as well. Alternatively, there are also rolling bread bins that consist of only one part.

A bread basket, on the other hand, is always open, so that the bread is arranged in it. While the classic model of a bread basket is made of wicker, today there is also a variety of other materials - from stainless steel and cork to bamboo mesh and painted metal to textile.

The bread basket can visually complement the set table perfectly. Whether Scandinavian minimalist, noble, classic or monochrome reduced - the design selection is large for both bread baskets and bread boxes.

Of course, not only bread or rolls, but also other baked goods can be stored or arranged in both.

Expert tip "With the right storage, bread can keep for up to a week. Dark breads or sourdough breads in particular can be kept fresh for consumption for up to ten days. This is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment." - Viktoria, interior design expert

2. The right bread storage in a bread box

To keep bread & Co. from getting mouldy, the most important thing is to protect it from moisture. At the same time, however, it is the moisture that keeps the bread from drying out. So how should you store your bread? These four variants are particularly recommended and have their own advantages in addition to the different design effects:

The right bread storage in the bread box

  • Bread baskets with air holes (1) regulate the supply of oxygen and moisture. This keeps the bread fresh for a long time without going moldy.
  • Those who prefer a hard crust on farmhouse bread and the like are well served by a wooden box (2). It keeps the crust firm to the bite.
  • Similarly, bamboo wood (3) not only has a natural look, the wood also has its own antibacterial effect. This helps to counteract the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Textile bread bags (4) made of cotton are also ideal for storing bread. They create a natural balance of moisture. In addition, they can also be used for dressing by rolling them up.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "No matter what finish and material you ultimately choose, wipe out your bread basket with a little vinegar at regular intervals. This will prevent mould."

3. Conclusion - what you should consider when buying bread baskets and bread boxes

  • While bread bins have a lid, making them suitable not only for serving but also for storage, bread baskets are open and primarily help in serving.
  • In addition to the classic bread bin with a lid, there are also those that close with a cutting board, as well as rolling bread bins.
  • Periodically wipe out your bread bin with a little vinegar. This will prevent mould.
  • With proper storage, bread can keep for up to a week.
  • To keep bread fresh for a long time, but protect it from mold, it needs to be exposed to the right dose of moisture. Bread boxes with air holes, bags made of textile and bread boxes made of wood and bamboo are particularly recommended here.

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