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Design Bread Basket: Storing Bread Correctly

Every fifth household in Germany stores bread incorrectly. But actually, bread is an uncomplicated food. Depending on the type of bread, it can last for over a week. Storing bread is easiest with a bread box or bread basket.

Design Bread Baskets and Bread Bins in the Interior Design Shop – Your Benefits

The Storage Life of Bread

Generally, dark bread can be stored for much longer than lighter bread. Sourdough and rye can be stored easily for up to ten days, while white bread is only good for three days. Scandinavian bread are the shelf-life frontrunners. Even once opened, crisp bread can be stored for up to a year. No matter what type of bread, the wool Stelton Bread Bag is good for presenting all types of bread. The bag by Klaus Rath features multi-functionality: standing for baguette and folded for rolls and small breads. It is even closable using a hidden magnet in the seam.

The True Function: The Ideal Bread Basket

Bread is one of those things. We prevent it from moulding by protecting it from moisture. Nonetheless, moisture is also what keeps bread from becoming too dry. So what to do? Bread baskets with ventilation holes regulate oxygen and moisture. This way, bread stays fresh for a long time without becoming mouldy. If you prefer a hard crust, a wooden box is good. It keeps the crust crisp. No matter what design or materials you choose, wipe your bread basket regularly with some vinegar. This prevents mould from developing.

Design Bread Basket: Underestimated Kitchen Accessory

A bread basket is good for more than just kitchen storage. For instance, the stainless steel Alfredo Bread Basket by Georg Jensen is both an elegant bread basket and a stylish basket for fruit and vegetables. The Box-It Bread Bin by Rig-Tig bei Stelton replaces serving platters and cutting boards with its bamboo lid. A special plus: The natural antibacterial effect of bamboo prevents proliferation of bacteria.

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