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Kitchen Tools: This is How they Help your Daily Kitchen Work

Kitchen tools are just as diverse as the recipes they are used for. Each piece has its own function that eases the cooking process. Fitness lovers swear by spiralizers that help you create pasta from vegetables. Gourmets don't forego an ice cream server and hobby cooks don't enter a kitchen without cookware such as knives and chopping boards. Find your personal favourite.

Kitchen Tools in the Interior Design Shop – Overview of your Benefits

Kitchen Tools: These 6 Cooking Utensils should be Present in Every Kitchen

Whisk: A creamy sauce beats a watery one. This is no surprise. Nonetheless, not everyone knows how to get this result. Cook books and cooking shows provide tons of helpful tips and tricks. But most are entirely unnecessary. The simple magic word is "air". Air is easily beat into sauces and soups using a whisk. The design trio Ding3000 tackled the whisk's biggest downfall – its bulkiness. The Beater by Norman Copenhagen is foldable and space-saving in the kitchen, where storage is usually limited.

Cooking spoons: The cooking spoon is the universal tool among kitchen accessories. It opens up endless possibilities. Whether for stirring soups, flipping vegetables in pans or mixing cake batter – the cooking spoon does all of these tasks. The cooking spoon of the Wood collection by manufacturer Hay stands out with stylish functionality and nostalgic charm. Its simple wood design reminds us of the days when you watched your mother by the stove, peering into the pot.

Potato masher: Homemade mashed potatoes make the best puree. Nonetheless, muscles are required to get there. the Smasher by Joseph Joseph makes mashing faster and easier. The potato masher holds potatoes and other vegetables in place and makes mashing a quick task.

Chopping boards: It's an unpleasant task. The vegetables are freshly chopped on one of your chopping boards. But it never enters your pan. For as soon as you slant your board over the pan, the chopped pieces fall off the edges. So that vegetables land where they should, Joseph Joseph invented something: a chopping board for folding. Chop & Rinse allows the board to be folded after use, turning into a ridge with cooking colander.

Spatula: Without spatulas, it would be difficult to flip foods in your pan and you would burn your hands. However, any experienced chef knows that your hands get uncomfortably close to the pan with a spatula. The Chopula Spatula by Dreamfarm has a bent head. This makes it possible to access every angle of the pan and keep a comfortable distance from the heat.

Spaghetti spoon: Spaghetti is easy to put into a pot. But taking it out again is much more difficult. It slides off regular spoons. And if they do stick, you usually end up with water on your plate. Not very close to fine dining. The Spaghetti Spoon by Bodum is large enough to free pasta from water. The spoons in the ladle area allows water to drain well.

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