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Salt shaker & Pepper shaker

Spice shaker - indispensable kitchen helper and shapely accessory

Spice shakers are an indispensable part of everyday kitchen life. Only the right spice mixture makes a meal what it is. We Germans are even thrifty seasoners. Oriental countries such as India use spices in much larger quantities. The spice mixture for a traditional Indian curry alone can contain up to 40 different components. You don't have to plan quite that much space for your spices when cooking. Nevertheless, shakers are indispensable kitchen aids and shapely accessories for any dining table.

Spice shakers in the home design store - your advantages

How Germany spices - From paprika to cinnamon

  • Pepper: Very few people know that white, green and black pepper come from the same plant, the Piper nigrum. The different coloration of the grains is due to the degree of ripeness. Worldwide, 180,000 tons of pepper are harvested. Of this, 2 3. 510 tons go to Germany alone. The Thomas Kitchen pepper mill can grind any grain size thanks to its Crushgrind grinder. But other herbs are also no problem for the spice mill.
  • Paprika and chili: Chili and paprika can be traced back to the same plant genus, Capsicum. The ingredient capsaicin is also named after this. It is what makes the chili so hot. But it also promotes blood circulation and prevents colds. Chili is often found chopped in dishes such as chili con carne. But also sweets, such as chocolate are refined with the fiery note of the spice.
  • Cinnamon: Did you know that cinnamon is made from tree bark? The cinnamon tree usually grows on plantations and can grow up to 20 meters tall. To make cinnamon, the bark of the cinnamon tree is stripped of the outer layers and placed in the sun to dry. The bark rolls up by itself in the process, giving the spice its typical shape. 8795 tons were imported into Germany in 2014.
  • Salt: Strictly speaking, salt is not a spice. Salt is a mineral that consists mainly of sodium chloride. Salt is essential for human survival. Nevertheless, the German Society for Nutrition recommends that no more than six grams be consumed daily. Matching the salt and pepper mill "Plus", the designers Norway Says have designed a salt and pepper barrel for Muuto . The barrel brings a Japanese-inspired flair to any dining table.
  • Cardamom: Cardamom plays a role in Germany mainly in Christmas baking. For seasoning one uses with cardamom, not the entire spice capsule. The crucial part are the grains inside the capsules. They contain the essential oils that give the spice its special flavor.

How to store spices properly

Spices like it dry, cool, airtight and dark. Therefore, it is advisable to set up a spice rack in a cupboard. This should preferably not be located above the stove or the heater. For storage, well-sealed and dark containers are suitable. As a rule, unground spices keep longer than already ground ones. Spices that have already been processed quickly lose their aroma.

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