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The Thermos Flask - Design meets Functionality

In cold weather, warm tea, coffee or hot chocolate brings cosiness into your home. That is disturbed, however, by having to get up to boil water or milk for another dose. It's much easier with a thermos flask that has the right design - not only functional but also a stylistic enrichment.

Thermos Flasks in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

The Thermos Flask - A misunderstood Piece of Designer Decoration

Thermos flasks count as some of the most underestimated kitchen utensils. That may be because of their slightly staid reputation. But whoever thinks the jug is boring is wrong. These household helpers with well thought-out design ideas make much more. The EM 77 vacuum jug by Stelton shows this with its colourfulness and tilting lid. The latter can be changed at will with a solid one. In this way, the jug can be transported leak-proof and is a loyal companion for picnics and other outdoor activities, even on warmer days.

Festive garb for your coffee service

Even on festive occasions, your thermos can shine with you. In the truest sense of the word. The Bernadotte by Georg Jensen shines in a silver stainless steel robe. It also has history. In 1938, Count Sigvard Bernadotte, uncle of Danish Queen Margrethe, designed a unique silver jug. Georg Jensen resurrected the coffee pot in a more modern version, as a thermos. The jug is available in volumes of 0.8 and 1 litres.

It's the inside that counts

Thermos flasks consist of an outer and an inner vessel. The two containers are separated by a vacuum. The interior can emit heat to neither the exterior nor the environment – your beverage stays warm. The PIU Thermos by Depot4Design has a double-walled glass insert for insulation. It too excels in stability. The plastic housing is easy to care for and with the separately available screen the PIU becomes a full-fledged teapot. The handle also impresses with clean geometric lines. With slight pressure on the tilting lid, the thermos can be opened with a single hand.

Thermos mug or flask? - Design combines

If you want the size benefits of a thermos flask though still want to drink from a cup, you'll find the Thermos mug by Sigg the perfect choice. The jug is available with a capacity of up to one litre.

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By the way: for the smaller thirst, we also offer thermos mugs!