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Normann Copenhagen - Heima Candle Stand  Normann Copenhagen - Heima Candlestick £48.25 *by Lassen - Kubus 4  by Lassen - Kubus 4, white £126.00 *Iittala - Nappula Candleholder Iittala - Nappula Candleholder , Set of 2, 107+183 mm, white £54.00 *Stelton - Tangle Advent Candleholder Stelton - Tangle Advent Candleholder £80.00 *Bjørn Wiinblad - Lucia Candleholder Bjørn Wiinblad - Lucia Candleholder H 15 cm, gold £70.90 *Normann Copenhagen - Heima Big Candles Holder Normann Copenhagen - Heima Block Candle Holder, black £21.75 *Hay - Lup Candleholder Hay - Lup Candleholder, black, triangular £19.00 *ferm Living - Balance Candleholder ferm Living - Balance Candleholder, brass £32.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Heima single Candlestick Normann Copenhagen - Heima Candlestick 1 candle £18.00 *ferm Living - String Candleholder ferm Living - String Candleholder, natural £92.00 *Menu - Pov Circle Candleholder Menu - Pov Circle Candleholder, L / black £64.95 *Applicata - Luna Candleholder applicata - Luna Candleholder, oak / brass £97.00 *ferm Living - String Candleholder ferm Living - String Candleholder, grey £92.00 *Applicata - Luna Candleholder Applicata - Luna Candleholder, black £87.00 *ferm Living - Cast Iron Candle Holder ferm Living - Cast Iron Candle Holder, black £17.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Nocto Candlestick Normann Copenhagen - Nocto Candlestick, black £18.00 *Kähler Design - Globo Candleholder Kähler Design - Globo Candleholder H 16.5 cm, white £35.50 *by Lassen - Kubus 1 by Lassen - Kubus 1, white £58.00 *Skagerak - Segments Candleholder Skagerak - Segments Candleholder, oak wood £69.00 *Andersen Furniture - Create Me Candleholder Andersen Furniture - Create Me Candleholder, h 7.5 cm, oak £17.00 *by Lassen - Kubus 4  by Lassen - Kubus 4, brass £164.00 *applicata - Blossom Candleholder applicata - Blossom Candleholder, lily / white £43.00 *applicata - Blossom Candleholder applicata - Blossom Candleholder, rose / white £47.00 *Holmegaard - Design with light block candleholder Holmegaard - Design with light block candleholder, 17 cm £33.50 *applicata - Blossom Candleholder applicata - Blossom Candleholder, rose / natural oak £53.00 *Georg Jensen - Season Candleholder Georg Jensen - Season candleholder, matt £75.00 *applicata - Blossom Candleholder applicata - Blossom Candleholder, tulip / black £56.00 *Hay - Lup Candleholder Hay - Lup Candleholder, copper, square £25.00 *Hay - Lup Candleholder Hay - Lup Candleholder, black, square £19.00 *applicata - Blossom Candleholder applicata - Blossom Candleholder, tulip / white £52.00 *by Lassen - Line by Lassen - Line, white £94.00 *Hay - Lup Candleholder Hay - Lup Candleholder, copper, triangular £25.00 *by Lassen - Line by Lassen - Line, black £94.00 *Kähler Design - Omaggio Candleholder H 16 cm Kähler Design - Omaggio Candleholder, 16 cm black £21.00 *Hay - Moment Candleholder Hay - Moment Candleholder, black £28.00 *Black + Blum - Loop Candleholder Black + Blum - Loop Candleholder, chrome £27.00 *

Lucia Candleholder by Bjørn Wiinblad

Designer Candleholders - More than Dining Room Decoration

There are many arguments for candles: Lanterns, tealight holders or candleholders.
The latter is probably the most classic variety of them. With candleholders, many are necessarily reminded of a stuffy dining scene. But this thought is at least as misconceived as the reputation of the candleholder. Today candlesticks come in unusual shapes, materials and colours. The Tenochtitlan by Dirade Kosmo appears much more futuristic than stuffy. In bright red with curved branches, it puts your candles in the right light.

Designer Candleholders in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

Relaxed Candlelight/

A good glass of wine, a book, soft music and a few candles in the candleholder. Candleholders are decorative with added value. Candlelight promotes relaxation. But what is it? On one hand candlelight is spectral, meaning it requires minimal adaptation of our eyes. This is 'rewarded' by the body with increased serotonin output – we become happy. In addition, stored memories play a role. From when we are children we have learned that candles are lit in joyous situations, such as at festivals and for celebrations. Our mind harkens back to these memories. The Normann Copenhagen Heima candleholder has clear and classic lines. Its special charm comes from its cast iron material. Another advantage: the candleholder is particularly stable due to its heavy weight of 700 grams.

Designer Candleholders - A Matter of Material

Candleholders consist of many more materials than just metal. They come in steel, wood and marble. Steel: Steel is probably the classic material for candle holders. Why not? It has proven itself. It is sturdy and extremely durable. Furthermore, it is polished and impressive with a fine glow. The Kubus candleholder from by Lassen is a classic. It was designed in 1912 by Mogens Lassen. Since then, the geometrically designed steel holder has stood triumphantly in living rooms.
Wood: Wood has something original. It can be very rustic when combined with a candle. But it does not have to be as a mixture of wood and other materials appears modern. The Ferm Living String candleholder brings a piece of Scandinavia into your home. The candleholder consists of four large wooden spheres with holes for candles. The beech wood balls in natural wood or retro shades are connected by a leather strap.
Marble: Marble is noble. When combined with wood, it preserves its classic charm. Candleholders made from marble fit into any environment. The Chunk of Marble by Menu impresses with its versatility. It is available in small and large versions and in light or dark marble. Its simple shape gives it something timeless.

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