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Tidying Away Cables: Avoid Tangled Cables with Decorative Solutions

Our everyday life is shaped by technology. Smartphone, tablet, computer, keyboards, lights - you can no longer imagine (office) life without them. While the electronic devices feature a sophisticated design and a multitude of technical refinements, oftentimes their cables and plugs aren't pretty things to look at. They rather build an unsightly cable mess under the desk or around the multiple socket, which is quickly about to become a tripping hazard.With the right cable tidies though, you can prevent accidents by stumbling and in addition, hide the messy cables.

Cable Tidies in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

Cable Tidies: These are Your Options

Multiple sockets: Especially at the working desk or in the TV area, many electronic devices are used. Here, power strips have an obvious advantage: they prevent cables to have to go through the complete room to find the next socket. The multiple socket ES 01 by Punkt. features an intelligent cable management. It hides the cables under a round cover. It looks neat and tidy and is also easier to free from dust. The on / off switch helps to reduce the energy consumption.
Cable Clips: Cable clips are something necessary to fasten cable to the wall or the skirting boards. Rarely, however, they have a decorative role. On the contrary, you actually prefer to hide them or install them as unobtrusively as possible.
Cable Manager: The Bluelounge CableBox works like a cable conduit.
You can bundle several individual cables and stow them in the small box. The box has room for standard power strips as well as for DSL routers.
Cable Reels: Cable break is probably one of the worst things to happen because of tangled cables. Most frequently it occurs with headphones and the charging cable for MP3 player, smartphone and tablet. These cables are very thin and are under stress due to the frequent transport in backpack or jacket pockets. The Blue lounge Cableyoyo offers a brilliant solution. The small square box hides a cable reel on which the cable can be rolled up.

You want to hide your myriad of cables and arrange them tidily? Your favourite gadget to tidy away your cables will arrive safely and within a few working days at your home!

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