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Vitra - Panton Chair (special edition) Vitra - Panton Chair (special edition) from £210.00 *Vitra - Panton Chair Vitra - Panton Chair from £210.00 *Hay - J77 Chair Hay - J77 Chair from £135.00 *Hay - J104 Chair Hay - J104 Chair from £165.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW from £305.00 *Hay - Hee Chair Hay - Hee Chair from £145.00 *Stoelcker - Frankfurt Chair Stoelcker - Frankfurt Chair from £131.00 *Hay - J110 Chair Hay - J110 Chair from £215.00 *Kartell - Louis Ghost Kartell - Louis Ghost from £213.00 *Kartell - Masters Chair Kartell - Masters Chair from £159.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Chair, Wood Legs Normann Copenhagen - Form Chair, Wood Legs from £220.00 *Casamania him&her Chair Casamania him&her Chair from £292.00 *Vitra - Wire Chair DKR Vitra - Wire Chair DKR from £310.00 *Vitra - All Plastic Chair Vitra - All Plastic Chair from £185.00 *Vitra - Tip Ton Vitra - Tip Ton from £219.00 *Hay - About A Chair AAC 22 (oak stained) Hay - About A Chair AAC 22 (oak stained) from £199.00 *Hay - About A Chair AAC 12 Hay - About A Chair AAC 12 from £195.00 *Menu - WM String Dining Chair Menu - WM String Dining Chair from £201.00 *Fritz Hansen - Ant Choice 2016 (Limited Edition) Fritz Hansen - Ant Choice 2016 (Limited Edition) £397.00 *Carl Hansen - CH24 Wishbone Chair Carl Hansen - CH24 Wishbone Chair from £566.00 *Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair - Anniversary Edition 2017 Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair - Anniversary Edition 2017 from £521.00 *Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAR Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAR from £319.00 *Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair coloured Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair coloured from £322.00 *Kartell - La Marie Chair Kartell - La Marie Chair from £189.00 *Muuto - Visu chair Muuto - Visu chair from £259.00 *Fritz Hansen - Drop Chair Fritz Hansen - Drop Chair from £294.00 *Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR from £235.00 *Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair Monochrome Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair Monochrome from £322.00 *Hay - Soft Edge Chair Hay - Soft Edge Chair from £195.00 *Hay - About a Chair AAC 22 (oak soaped) Hay - About a Chair AAC 22 (oak soaped) from £199.00 *Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAW Vitra - Eames Plastic Armchair DAW from £429.00 *Driade Store - Lord Yo Driade Store - Lord Yo £173.00 *Kartell - Dr. NO Arm chair Kartell - Dr. NO Arm chair from £159.00 *Chair First Chair First from £150.00 *Magis - Air-Armchair Magis - Air-Armchair from £109.00 *Driade - Toy Armchair Driade - Toy Armchair from £163.00 *

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Seating comfort with a stunning appearance is provided by the Eames Plastic Chairs by Vitra

Designer Chairs for your Home

The demands of chairs are very individual. When we decide for or against a chair, our opinion often differs from others – for a good reason. A chair should always be functional and win us over with its appearance – it should be comfortable as well. The assortment of chairs in our interior design shop caters to all of these demands. Functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics are the reason why the classics by Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Philippe Stark and co. are perfectly adapted for your home. Find classic office chairs and modern dining chairs, garden chairs and many more in the Connox interior design shop. Discover our assortment and be inspired by our ideas!

Designer chairs in our interior design shop – your advantages at a glance

High-quality and Modern Designer Chairs for Every Living Space

Hardly any room in your home can manage without a chair. In the hallway they serve as seating when putting on shoes, in the kitchen they are sat on for eating and an ergonomic office chair should not be missed in any office.

Dining Room Chairs – Modern and Timeless

Chairs in the dining room or kitchen chairs are the chairs with the most demands. We sit on them every day in order to have our breakfast, lunch or dinner or to sit with our friends or the family. Therefore it makes sense to buy chairs of a high quality for these purposes. Stability and cushioning must be taken into account. An easy-cleanable material or even a surface that can be wiped with a damp cloth will make your life easier in the kitchen. The Eames Plastic Side Chair by Charles & Ray Eames, designed for Vitra is a popular chair for dining rooms. Whether standing alone or in a group, thanks to the different color and upholstery a variety of combination possibilities are there for your dining area.

Ergonomic Office Chair – Function, Comfort and Aesthetics Unified

For an office chair, functionality is the first priority. Many people spend a big part of their days sitting in the office. An office chair with a healthy mix of comfort, function and aesthetics influences productivity and our wellbeing at the working desk, and therefore has to be chosen carefully. Vitra has designed a very special office chair family with the ID Chair Concept, which meets the most varied demands for appearance, material, utility and price.

Garden Chairs – Chairs for Outside

There is an enormous selection of garden chairs for the garden, the balcony and the terrace. Regarding appearance, chairs to be used outside don’t look much different than those for the inside and there are just as many materials to choose from. Garden chairs made of wood remain the classic among outdoor furniture. Wooden chairs offer a rustic flair to the environment and they wonderfully suit nature when they are used outside, but they have to be treated with special oils and lacquers from time to time. Plastic chairs are easy to clean and can be easily wiped when they are dirty. Garden chairs out of metal are just as uncomplicated to clean and are practical. They are especially space saving when used as foldable chairs and are easily stored in the winter. Metal chairs are very sophisticated, however only offer a cooler tone for your terrace. This is easily avoided by means of decorative chair cushions and outdoor textiles.

Chair Accessories

Chairs don’t have to look simple or cold, since there are cushions that can be used to change the whole appearance. Simple chairs will immediately become eye-catchers. Cushions aren’t only just functional anymore, but they have become designer objects as well. They offer a new look to the chairs with different colours and patterns and they raise the comfort at the same time.

Good Design is Timeless – The Design Classics

Whether consciously or unconsciously - every one of us has surely seen a real design classic by Charles and Ray Eames or Arne Jacobsen at least once. Many restaurants, hotels and lobbies have been equipped with these timeless designer chairs. For good reason: Most of the design classics have consciously been kept minimalistic and are therefore easily combined with other furniture pieces. Moreover those chairs combine functionality, aesthetics and comfort, giving an individual character to each chair. The astonishing thing is that the designs of the Eames Plastic Armchair by Charles and Ray Eames or the Series 7 Chair by Fritz Hansen are still considered younger than they really are. Good design is timeless and the 65 or 60 years aren’t to be seen.

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