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Children's Chairs - More than just a Seat

Children's chairs must fulfil two functions: seating and play toy. No child is pleased with a boring-looking chair with a seat height that doesn't adjust to them and where they have to slip restlessly back and forth to find a comfortable seating position. A suitable high chair for eating and a children's chair for the play room are better.

Children's Chairs in the Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

Children's Seating - Space for Puzzles and Painting

Colouring-in books want to be filled in, puzzles solved and board games won. In short: your child needs a place where they can be creative. So how about a kids' table and chairs? Several colourful chairs together with a children's table and you're ready! Children's room furniture not only makes your child happy but also provides the right décor for a games paradise. The Seggiolina Pop children's chairs by Magis Mee Too are adapted to the needs of children. They are of a similar material to polystyrene and therefore weigh just 700 grams. This makes them easy for children to transport them. Matching Magis has devised a corresponding series of colourful children's tables. Very special is the Little Flare children's table. It can be painted and designed using the included colours.

Dine like Little Kings - High Chairs as a Dinner Table Companion

Correct posture is more important for children than for adults. They are growing and their skeletons still malleable. Postural defects can quickly become permanent. A healthy sitting posture for your child helps contribute to the prevention of this. High chairs help you as they are like a children's chair that grows with them. Your child always sits comfortably and with corresponding posture. The Classic children's high chair by Yuunic fully adapts to the size and age of your child. The seat and footrest are adjustable in height independently, which makes the Yuunic high chair suitable for children from about six months of age. There are no height limits: even adults can sit comfortably on the Classic chair.

Just like Grown-Ups - Children's Armchairs and Cushions

Of course, what the grown-ups have is what the little ones want too. This applies to chair and seat cushions too. They are however not very suitable in most cases for children. They sink into bean bags, while armchairs are too high. How nice that the two seating options are also available as children's furniture! The Sacco Small beanbag by traditional manufacturer Zanotta is filled with styrofoam balls and adapts to the shape of your child's body. The Bamp kids' chair by Sitting Bull has a colourful patchwork pattern that suits any nursery perfectly.

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