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Hay - Loop Stand Table Hay - Loop Stand Table from £529.00 *Hay - C44 Table square Hay - C44 Table square £255.00 *Hay - Copenhague CPH Deux 210 Dining Table Hay - Copenhague CPH Deux 210 Dining Table £609.00 *bruunmunch - Playdinner Lamé Dining Table (180 - 280 cm) bruunmunch - Playdinner Lamé Dining Table (180 - 280 cm) from £1,812.00 *Hay - Loop Stand table, round Hay - Loop Stand table, round from £589.00 *Conmoto - Tension Table Conmoto - Tension Table £1,309.00 *Muuto - 70/70 Table Muuto - 70/70 Table from £1,295.00 *Hay - C44 Table rectangular Hay - C44 Table rectangular from £295.00 *Magis - Tavolo XZ3 (round) Magis - Tavolo XZ3 (round) £604.00 *Bla Station - Folding Table Clip Bla Station - Folding Table Clip £1,146.00 *Artek - Table 81B Artek - Table 81B from £702.00 *Magis - Tavolo XZ3 - rectangular Magis - Tavolo XZ3 - rectangular from £640.00 *Muuto - Split Table Muuto - Split Table £1,949.00 *Hay - Copenhague CPH30 Dining Table Hay - Copenhague CPH30 Dining Table from £1,085.00 *Vitra - Guéridon Table Vitra - Guéridon Table from £1,450.00 *Hay - C44 Round Table Hay - C44 Round Table £319.00 *Menu - Snaregade Table Round Menu - Snaregade Table Round £1,699.00 *Hay - Table 12 Hay - Table 12 from £1,009.00 *Skagerak - Georg Dining Table Skagerak - Georg Dining Table £1,095.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Form dining table rectangular Normann Copenhagen - Form dining table rectangular £1,368.00 *&Tradition - In Between Table SK3  (Ø 90 cm) &Tradition - In Between Table SK3 (Ø 90 cm) from £701.00 *Hay - Copenhague CPH Deux 220 Table Hay - Copenhague CPH Deux 220 Table £609.00 *Muuto - Base Table Muuto - Base Table from £825.00 *Muuto - Base Table round Muuto - Base Table round from £775.00 *ferm Living - Mingle Table Top ferm Living - Mingle Table Top from £799.00 *Andersen Furniture - T7 Extendable Table 220 cm Andersen Furniture - T7 Extendable Table 220 cm from £2,002.00 *Skagerak - Hven Dining Table 94 x 170 cm Skagerak - Hven Dining Table 94 x 170 cm £2,399.00 *Artek - 95 Table Artek - 95 Table from £790.00 *Vitra - Noguchi DiningTable (Limited Edition) Vitra - Noguchi DiningTable (Limited Edition) £2,874.00 *Wogg 43 table Wogg 43 table £2,035.00 *Artek - Table 90A Artek - Table 90A £825.00 *Fritz Hansen Super - Elliptical Tables Fritz Hansen Super - Elliptical Tables from £1,650.00 *Fritz Hansen - Essay Table Fritz Hansen - Essay Table £4,162.00 *Magis - Steelwood Table Magis - Steelwood Table from £1,418.00 *Zanotta - Reale Table Zanotta - Reale Table from £2,405.00 *Zanotta - Blanco Dining Table Zanotta - Blanco Dining Table £2,640.50 *

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Muuto - 70/70 Table and Nerd Chair

Designer Dining Table – The Centrepiece of Your Home

Dining tables are one of the most important spaces in homes. This is where the whole family gets together. They eat together, share their experiences of the day. A dining table has to endure much use and together with dining chairs, decoration and co., it must create a location where everyone enjoys spending time. It is the focal point of housing and any purchase should be well thought-through. In the Connox home design shop, you will find a large selection of high-quality dining tables. Discover our products and be inspired by our offers!

Design Dining Tables in the Interior Design Shop – Your Benefits at a Glance

The Right Shape – Round, Oval or Angular

Whether you want your dining table to be round, oval or to have corners depends on the space available and how many people generally sit at the table. Each shape has its benefits: A round dining table is very social, oval tables offer space for most people and angular tables perfectly utilise room corners. Expandable dining tables are a practical solution for small rooms. This way, you create more seating space in no time. Designer Leif Jørgensen developed the Loop Stand series for Hay – an exclusive collection including round and angular tables. The Loop Stand tables are available in different heights and lengths and with a round or angular tabletop for affordable prices.

Design Dining Tables made of Wood, Metal or Glass – Chosing a Material

Another important aspect when chosing a dining table is the material. A popular material for tables is massive wood or wood. A massive wood table is a lifelong purchase. It is robust and creates a rustic, cosy atmosphere in the dining room. Regular application of oil and sealing makes your table endure regular use by the entire family. Alternatively, you can choose a lacquered wood dining table. Design dining tables made of glass or metal have a cool and purist appearance, making them elegant. The combination of glass and metal gives dining tables a modern look. The right material allows you to create your favourite space and give your dining area a special character.

What is the ideal height of a dining table?

The height of a dining table is an important factor. The standard height of common dining tables is between 72 and 78 cm. In order to find out whether the table height is ideal combined with the seat height, it is recommended to try the combination before purchasing.

The Right Chairs for Your Design Dining Table

Naturally, suitable chairs are part of a dining table. Often, manufacturers design chairs together with the table. This way, you can ensure that the design table and the chairs will perfectly match. Contrary to this, an individually designed dining area with dining chairs combining different styles and colours and make your dining area unique. Tips for furnishing your dining room by blogger Jasmin in the home design blog.

Want to buy your dining table online? Discover the design dining tables in the home design shop!

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