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Design bistro tables - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Design language: round, square or rectangular?
  2. Find the right height
  3. Material
  4. Conclusion

1. Form language: round, square or rectangular?

The bistro table is the little brother of the dining table. Originally there was a small round table underneath (diameter approx. 60 - 65 centimetres) for two people, is perfect for a coffee or a small snack, placed in or in front of a bistro. Bistro tables are characterized by a filigree frame and are usually not only suitable for outdoor use, but also because they are often foldable or even have a hole for a parasol.

Bistro tables: shapes and seating

A bistro table is ideal for small rooms. In a small kitchen or on the balcony, a bistro table can create a dining area where perhaps no one else would have fitted in. But also in the garden or on the terrace, a bistro table is a cosy meeting place.

The most important aspect in choosing the size and shape is the number of people and the answer to the question of how it should be used. Round bistro tables are particularly sociable and open for a growing coffee round. Rectangular or square bistro tables, on the other hand, clearly communicate the available space and can easily be arranged in rows.

For a full-fledged dining area you need the size 60 x 40 centimetres. The number of persons with a diameter of less than 80 centimetres is therefore limited to a maximum of three persons. If you are looking for a dining place for two, the optimal size is a rectangular model measuring 60 x 80 centimetres. If you only want to have a drink and a small snack at the table, even more people can take a seat.

2. Find the right height

Bistro tables: the right height

1. Bistro table/chair | 2. height adjustable bistro table/height adjustable (bar) stool | 3. bar table/bar stool

The common height of a bistro table corresponds to that of a dining table from 72 - 78 centimetres. However, it is not unusual that bistro tables are height-adjustable. They can thus be an alternative to the standing table or even combine multifunctional dining table and standing table in one. The only thing to consider is the appropriate seat height of the chair or stool.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "A bistro table suitable for outdoor use is recommended. Its compact size makes it very easy to move it from the kitchen to the outside so that you can enjoy your coffee outside at any time during the summer months without having to worry about summer rain." - Viktoria, interior design expert

3. Material: indoor vs. outdoor bistro tables

Bistro tables: materials for indoor and outdoor

Most bistro tables are not only suitable for indoor, but also for outdoor use. This is due to their origin. Whether bistro tables in black or bistro tables in white - they come in a variety of materials:

  • A bistro table made of wood (1) creates a natural and warm atmosphere. If you want to use it outdoors, make sure that the wood is also suitable for outdoor use, such as teak.
  • With a model made of plastic (2) you choose a light version that can be easily converted and can usually be integrated into any ambience thanks to a wide range of colours.
  • The classic bistro table is made of powder-coated metal or aluminium (3) and impresses with a wide choice of colours, a filigree but stable frame and versatile use - both indoors and outdoors.
  • A bistro table made of marble or concrete (4) is robust and an absolute highlight.

Usually there are mixtures of materials, so that the table top is made of one material while the frame is made of another. This mix makes the small piece of furniture an exciting eye-catcher.

Thonet - 1818 Bistro table, stainless steel / oak

4. Conclusion - you should consider this when buying a bistro table

  • Bistro tables represent the small version of a dining table, which is perfect for up to two people to enjoy a coffee or a small snack.
  • With the help of a bistro table you can create a small dining area where no one else would fit in.
  • When choosing the shape and size, always keep the planned number of people and usage in mind: while round bistro tables are very sociable, but with a diameter of less than 80 centimetres they only offer space for a maximum of three people, a square bistro table measuring 60 x 80 centimetres even creates two full-size dining places or a coffee place for four people.
  • As a rule, the height of a bistro table corresponds to that of a dining table of 72 - 78 centimetres. However, there are also height-adjustable models that can be used as a high table.
  • The choice of materials for bistro tables is versatile: from wood, metal and plastic to stone, such as marble or concrete. There is something for every taste. Moreover, most models are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

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