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The Bistro Table – A Small Piece of French History

Vive la France ! As early as the 18th century, the bistro table was very popular in France. At the time, it was primarily used in cosy corners of charming cafés or outside of bistros in the midst of lively streets. But this has changed! The bistro tables entered homes a long time age. And why not? Bistro tables are true all-rounders: Foldable, height-adjustable or weather-resistant – the small and sleek bistro tables adapt to your needs.

Bistro Tables from Round to Cornered in the Home Design Shop - Your Benefits

Design in Small Spaces

Even if the room is small, you don't have to renounce design! In the interior design shop, you will find bistro tables that are both functional and stylish.
It doesn't matter whether you want to use the table in your home, on your balcony, on your terrace or in your garden – the possibilities are endless.

From Foldable Bistro Table Classic to Poppy Eye-Catcher

The classic bistro table is round, foldable and has a height of 70 cm. But this is no longer a must! For instance, the Brio Standing Table by La Palma turns a cosy dining space for two into a standing table for your next party thanks to its adjustable height. A variety of options are available for materials and colours. Because especially outdoor furniture can be loud in colour. With the Fermob Bistro Series made of iron in bright yellow and red, you will shine with the sun. Another handy feature: The bistro table is easy to fold up. If you prefer traditional wood, the Copenhague CPH20 Bistro Table by Hay will speak to your taste.

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