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Design Trolley Tables - The silent Butler

It's tea time... In the 1960s and 1970s, the serving trolley was part of every household. Its field of use was diverse: to serve dishes in the dining room, as a storage space at the barbecue or as a bar cart in the living room. Now the trolley table is back and presents itself in original as well as in puristic design. Whether you prefer the modern design or a re-edition: at Connox you'll find your favourite one!

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Bar cart: many people like beer, others prefer wine. Then again, some love a good, old whisky. For those, who host many guests, serving becomes a true task. With a bar trolley, you can easily satisfy your guests' wishes and still sit with them, and listen to the conversations. The Verpan Barboy has a cylindrical covered shape. When opened, it offers three differently sized compartments. Many bar accessories can be stored in it - bottles, glasses and coasters, everything finds its place in the Barboy by Verpan.

Tea trolley: coffee, cake, tea, biscuits - at a tea party a lot of goodies come together, not to mention porcelain, teapot and Co. With a tea trolley can carry everything easily from the kitchen in the living room or dining room. This way, you avoid long waiting times during which coffee and tea might get cold. For the Vitra catering Caddy the designer Christoph Ingenhoven got his inspiration from the serving trolleys on a plane. For this reason, the caddy is as multifunctional, as you can only imagine. It is equipped with four drawers, as well as electrification, which makes it possible to connect a coffee machine, for example.

Kitchen trolley: Wouldn't it be convenient if knife, potatoes and onions would follow you around in the kitchen? With a kitchen cart your equipment and tools accompany you at every step. Particularly practical: when you aren't cooking, you can drape your tools decoratively on the kitchen trolley.

Mobile side table: the kitchen table is covered with delicious food and you want everyone to feel comfortable. However, soon it turns out that there's barely enough room to eat at the dining room table. With the help of a mobile side table, you avoid this problem. You can easily 'outsource' some parts of the meal. A mobile side tableis also perfectly suited for places where there's usually no table at hand, for example, for a nice breakfast in bed. The Artek Trolley 901 is a true icon among the serving trolleys. It was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936. The frame of the serving trolley 901 consists of clear varnished birch, the wheels are made of white varnished MDF. But the success of Aalto's residential furniture was not at last ensured by his invention of a new bending technique for wood.

Choose your personal trolley: design classics or modern Scandinavian style. Buy mobile side tables conveniently online and get it delivered directly to your home!