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Design serving trolley - so you can find the right model for your home

  1. Classic vs. reinterpretation
  2. The right serving trolley model for every use
  3. Safe standing and mobility: 2, 3 or 4 roles
  4. Conclusion
Serving trolleys: classics and new interpretations

1. Classic vs. reinterpretation

The classic serving trolley is designed for transporting dishes and dishes from one room to another and has two or four castors. In addition, there are also many new interpretations today that have useful additional functions, such as a magazine shelf, electrification or drawers and doors. In addition, serving trolleys now come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, as well as in a wide variety of materials and colors. This turns the serving trolley into a multifunctional piece of furniture that adapts to a wide variety of uses and no longer has to be placed in the kitchen or dining room as inconspicuously as possible, but can shine and show presence.

Trolley: multifunctional pieces of furniture

2. The right serving trolley model for every use

Depending on the design, serving trolleys can perform a wide variety of functions:

  • A trolley (1) is particularly multifunctional. It can not only be used as a side table or bedside table, but can also be used in the home office.
  • A classic design serving trolley (2) is particularly practical for storing food or accessories when the dining table is full. It is also perfect for transporting dishes and dishes from one room to another or from inside to outside. Make sure that a trolley for outdoor use is made of weather-resistant teak or powder-coated stainless steel.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors “For a serving trolley that is to be used in the classic sense to transport dishes and dishes, it is recommended that at least two dinner plates with an average diameter of 26 cm can easily be placed next to each other. Fall protection or high edges are also useful for the transport of bottles and glasses, especially if the trolley has only two castors and it has to be raised slightly to move it.” - Viktoria, interior

  • Typical for storing glasses and drinks is a bar trolley (3), which turns it into a small, portable and stylish minibar.
  • As the name suggests, a kitchen trolley / work trolley (4) can be used in two places: It is particularly practical on the one hand in large kitchens with different work zones, since individual kitchen utensils such as knives or spices, can follow you to the place of preparation by car. But also as a mobile storage of work utensils, it is an enrichment for every home office - especially if you don't have a permanent job at home.
Trolley: safe standing and mobility

3. Safe standing and mobility: 2, 3 or 4 roles

The roles are the decisive difference between a serving trolley / side trolley and a side table: They create uncomplicated and easy mobility and open up new application possibilities. There are three different versions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • 2 castors: Trolleys with two castors have a particularly firm stand and do not roll away when lightly pushed. To do this, however, the rear of the trolley has to be raised so that it can roll, so you have to be particularly careful here that nothing falls or tips over.
  • 3 castors: Although this variant has a fixed position, the three rotating castors can make navigating the car more difficult.
  • 4 castors: The big advantage with this model is the maximum and safe mobility of the car. Dishes, glasses and bottles are moved horizontally without risk. The trolley can roll away without a hold-open even with a light push.
Fuori serving trolley by Skagerak in hunting green / teak

4. Conclusion - you should note this when buying a design serving trolley

  • Serving and side trolleys are not only available in the classic version for transporting food and drinks, but also in many clever new interpretations, e.g. with storage space, which make them versatile pieces of furniture.
  • While a side trolley is best used as a side or bedside table, the classic serving trolley is ideal for serving and temporarily storing food and drinks. With a bar cart you create a small portable minibar and with a kitchen or work cart you get a mobile storage for kitchen utensils or work documents.
  • Serving trolleys can come with two, three or four castors, whereby the following applies: the more castors, the easier it is to move them, but the less stable the stand. The castors and the associated mobility are also the main difference to the classic side table.

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