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Goodbye Bulky Sofa Set - Hello Design Sofa!

For a long time sofa lounge areas have been popular. Whether in large or small rooms, the XXL sofas with matching armchairs and ottoman are everywhere. But in fact there is another rule of thumb: A couch should fit the size of the room and not the other way round. And actually a small three-piece suite offers as much seating comfort and relaxation value as a large one. Be inspired by our range of designer sofas!

Design Sofas in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

The Perfect Material For Your Designer Couch

One of the most important questions before buying a couch is: "Upholstery or leather sofa?" For those who opt for a fabric covering, first of all have more choice regarding colour and feel. Leather sofas on the other side are rather interesting due to their property of adapting to the body temperature. Nevertheless: leather is a natural product and therefore needs a lot of care. Liquids quickly leave permanent stains. In this context, it's good to know that leather becomes less sensitive the more varnish layers it has. Those who neither prefer fabric nor leather, might like the Earth 8 sofa by FlexibleLove as an ideal designer furniture. The Earth 8 consists of folding cardboard. This way, it can comfortably accommodate up to eight people on the sofa seat.

Which Design Sofa is appropriate for my Needs?

There are many possibilities regarding seating furniture. For smaller rooms, a corner sofa is often recommendable because it doesn't require much space for themselves on the floor. A corner couch has the other advantage that it gives the impression of two separate sofas through its 'kink'. No matter how much space you have, the Connect Sofa by Muuto will ideally adapt to your needs. Different modules can be combined to an individual sofa set. Another good alternative is a multifunction sofa. There is not always a separate room for guests to stay over night. In such cases, it is advisable to go for a designer sofa bed when buying a sofa. During the day it can be used to relax, and in the case of a visit it can be simply converted into a comfortable guest bed. With his Cord Sofa Bed, the manufacturer Softline shows that functionality doesn't automatically mean sacrificing the design. The Cord sofa bed is indistinguishable from a conventional upholstery.

Cozy or for Business - The Right Upholstery

In general, two types of upholstery of sofas are to be distinguished: a taut or firm and a casual padding. The casual version invites you to relax. It has the typical character of a sofa. Wich practically means that you sink into it. A firm upholstery is ideal for business purposes. Because here you sit on the sofa just like on a chair. With a firm upholstery, you avoid the typical "sinking in". The Big Blo 2-seater by Blofield you don't need to worry about the padding, because it consists of air. The inflatable furniture is designed in the classic style of the Chesterfield Sofa. The advantage of Big Blo: It isn't nearly as heavy as the original.

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