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Designer Wool Blankets – Cosy through the Winter

It's getting cosy! Temperatures are falling and it feels wonderful to hide your cold feet away under a warming wool blanket. Wool blankets no longer create an unpleasant contrast in minimalist interior designs. With innovative patterns and high-quality materials, they no longer resemble the dust catchers of past days. Browse our product range and see for yourself!

Designer Wool Blankets in the Home Design Shop – Your Benefits at a Glance:

Choose Natural Materials: Wool keeps you Warm

It is always worth investing in a woll blanket made strictly from natural material. Wool has the capacity to store and to regulate heat. This way, a pure wool blanket is far better than a synthetic one. A high-quality wool blanket is made of 100 percent wool. Even if the proportion of wool is lower, blankets can still have high quality. Good additions are silk or viscose. They make blankets smoother. Some manufacturers also mix different types of wool.

Sheep wool is one of the oldest and most popular textile fibres. While they are comparably inexpensive, sheep wool blankets are warm, temperature-regulating and soft. Lamb wool blankets from the first shearing are even softer. An example is the Tint Plaid by Normann Copenhagen. Be careful: Sheep wool blankets should be professionally washed. However, often simply hanging the blanket in moist air is enough.

The small undesired knots that are formed with frequent use of a wool blanket are a sign of the blanket's quality. They can be removed with a special wool knife and some patience.

Trending: Graphical Patterns

Graphical patterns have taken over wool blanket design. Well-known prints such as the Norwegian pattern by Marius Genser, the "Dot Pattern" by Charles & Ray Eames or the textile patterns by Verner Panton can be seen in wool blankets: The minimalist graphical style of innovative patterns together with the traditional wool blanket create modern home textiles that are more than just warming. Modern colours fit well into today's living rooms. The soft pastel and grey tones together with the natural materials radiate warmth and comfort.

Some blankets call for a second look. This way, Vitra and its Girard Wool Blanket Double Heart and ferm Living and its Knitted Blanket have optical illusions.

Versatile Functionality: Wool Blanket, Bedspread or Plaid

Good quality is worth its price. Thanks to high-quality materials, the Connox home design shop blankets can withstand the strains on a throw. Many are so large that they can be used as bedspreads. This way, you no longer need to hide your bed from guests – quite the contrary. Some wool blankets are so thin (thanks to a special double weaving technique) that they can loosely hang over your shoulders as a plaid. No more frozen feet! Use the wool blankets by Hay, ferm Living, Elvang, Zuzunaga, Normann Copenhagen and Co. as you wish – always an eye-catcher!

Want to purchase wool blankets? Let us deliver your favourite comfortably to your home within a few workdays!

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