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Dish drainers – the Secret Hero in the Kitchen

Dinner with friends is a great event – if it wasn't for the dishes! Mountains of dishes on your counter – who wouldn't be terrified? And what follows washing up? Drying. Or not. Draining racks are small everyday kitchen heroes – especially when there are many dishes!

Draining Racks in the Interior Design Shop – Your Benefits

Draining Racks – Flexible and Environmentally Friendly

Washing dishes by hand is more environmentally friendly and less water-contaminating than using a dish washer. An additional draining rack helps to clean your dishes more efficiently and time-savingly. When choosing a rack, keep in mind the size of your sink unit. Ideally, the rack should fit onto the stainless steel or euro granite surface in order to avoid unnecessary moisture on the work spaces. The Joseph Joseph Connect Dish Drainer consists of three freely combinable parts. Thus, it fits onto nearly any sink unit. The three components consisting of two surfaces and one cutlery holder can flexibly be combined. The rack is ideal for kitchens and sinks of any size. A foldable dish drainer is uselful in smaller kitchens. One example: the Forminimal draining rack by manufacturer Black + Blum. The system is foldable so that is does not take up much space when not in use.

Tips for Washing Up by Hand:

1.Order: So that your dishes are clean and hygienic, begin by washing glasses. Often they are least dirty and they should not come into contact with cooking fats, which spoil their shine. After the glasses, you should clean cutlery and finally, little to largely dirtied dishes. This way, everything will be clean and hygienic!
2.Cleaning sponges: Clean your dish sponge once a week. This is very easy using a microwave: Simply place the sponge on a paper towel and heat it for two minutes on full power. This fill free your sponge of germs to 99 per cent.
3.Avoid wooden dish drainers: Germs settle easily in untreated wood. But wood is also a problem for moisture. If the racks don't dry properly, they begin to rot. Instead, use a plastic or stainless steel rack.

Want to buy your dish drainer online? Let us deliver models of stainless steel or plastic comfortably to your home within a few workdays!