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Floor mats

Designer doormat: how to find the right model for your home

1. Types of doormats
2. Doormat: design, functionality & Aesthetics
3. Placement and use
4. Care: cleaning the doormat
5. Conclusion

1. Types of doormats

Doormats are an essential part of any entrance area and fulfill both practical and aesthetic functions. They can be roughly divided into two categories: Indoor and outdoor doormats.

Outdoor doormats are often made of robust materials such as rubber, coconut fibers or plastic to absorb the first dirt and moisture before it enters the house. Rubber doormats are particularly popular as outdoor doormats as they are durable and weatherproof. They offer high cleaning performance and prevent the penetration of dirt and moisture.

Indoor doormats, on the other hand, are often made of softer materials such as cotton, microfiber or synthetic fibers. This indoor doormat is designed to absorb the remaining dirt and moisture left by shoes after wiping on the outdoor mat. There are special dirt-trapping mats for particularly high-traffic areas, which have a high absorption capacity and are easy to clean.

2. Doormat: Design, functionality & Aesthetics

The main function of doormats is to absorb dirt and moisture, keeping the interior clean and dry. Dirt-trapping mats made of rubber or other hard-wearing materials are ideal for high-traffic entrances, as they are particularly effective at wiping away dirt and water.

In addition to functionality, the design of the doormats also plays an important role. Doormats are available in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns that can blend seamlessly into the interior and exterior of your home. Whether a modern doormat, simple designs or classic patterns - the choice is vast.

Some mats are equipped with special features, such as non-slip undersides, which provide additional safety. The choice of design can also contribute to the aesthetics of your entrance area and a beautiful doormat at the front door can welcome your guests.

3. Placement and use

The placement of the design doormats is crucial to their effectiveness. Place a suitable doormat in front of the front door to absorb most of the dirt and moisture. Interior doormats should be located immediately behind the front door to pick up any remaining debris. In high traffic areas, such as hallways or kitchens, additional mats may be useful to protect the floor and make cleaning easier.

For special requirements, such as slippery floors, mats with non-slip undersides are ideal. These offer additional safety and prevent the mat from slipping, which is particularly important in households with children or older people.

4. Care: How to clean a doormat?

Proper care and cleaning of designer floor mats is crucial for their longevity and functionality. Rubber or plastic outdoor floor mats can simply be sprayed with a water hose and cleaned with a brush if necessary. Mats made of natural fibers such as coconut should be shaken out regularly and occasionally vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner.

A doormat made of textiles for indoor use is washable, but the manufacturer's care instructions should be followed. Regular vacuuming and occasional washing help to ensure that the mats retain their capacity for dirt and moisture absorption and remain visually appealing.

5. Conclusion

  • Design doormats are available for indoor and outdoor use, made of different materials such as rubber, coconut and textile.
  • Effective dirt and moisture absorption, many designs for different tastes.
  • Strategic placement is important to ensure maximum cleanliness and safety.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance increase the service life and efficiency of the mats.
  • Look for non-slip mats for increased safety, especially in households with children or elderly people.
Rainbow doormat 55 x 75 cm from OYOY in natural

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