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Waste Bins – For The Environment

Separation of waste is important. Much of our waste is recyclable. Only non-recyclable waste is burned and thus harms our environment. In order to avoid burning recyclables, it is important to separate waste. The first step in this direction is a system of waste bins.

Waste Bins in the Interior Design Shop – Your Benefits at a Glance

Waste Bins – a Large Selection of Materials

We have come far from the image of a classic plastic waste bin. Waste bins come in a wide variety of materials. There is no limit to your imagination. Especially paper offers two critical advantages for disposal: it is not dirty and it doesn't rot. Here you will find a selection of our favourite materials for design waste bins.

Metal: Stainless steel waste bins have a high-quality, noble flair. Therefore, they can be used in any room. Especially useful: Stainless steel doesn't rust, making the waste bin an ideal cosmetics container for the bathroom. The Waste Bin by Eva Solo is a new interpretation of the classic waste bin. It has a swinging lid that can be opened easily from all sides.

Paper: A waste bin made of paper waste? Yes, it's possible. Manufacturer Goods produces their Waste Bin from old posters. It's always an exciting surprise to see what poster was used for your waste bin.

Felt: Felt waste bins have a rustic feel. They integrate well into comfortably furnished environments. The Paper Basket by Hey Sign is made of 100% new wool without added chemicals or recycled textiles. Its robust material also makes it usable for storing toys and co. You can't get more stylish!

Plastic: The Garbino Can proves that plastic waste bins can be true design icons. The Umbra waste bin was one of the first designs of Karim Rashid and is one of the most sold items of the company. Today, the nine-litre container is part of a permanent exhibit at MoMA in New York. However: Plastic is versatile. The Bin Bin by Essey proves this; it is completely different from Umbra. It has its own personality and looks just like what it was intended for: crumpled paper.

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