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Design waste-paper baskets - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Why waste paper baskets are so important for the environment
  2. Size & Capacity
  3. Material
  4. Series articles
  5. Conclusion

1. Why waste-paper baskets are so important for the environment

Waste separation is important since a large part of what ends up in the waste bin can be recycled. To ensure that recyclable waste is not incinerated along with it and to reduce the environmental impact of waste incineration, it is important to separate waste. The first step is to use waste-paper baskets and waste bins.

2. Size & capacity of paper bins

The size range for designer paper bins is very wide: Depending on the place of use, you can choose between a capacity of 7 to 20 liters. While a small capacity is sufficient for the study corner or the children's room, larger paper baskets are advantageous in the home office or office, where documents are primarily disposed of. In the utility room, on the other hand, an even larger wastepaper bin is recommended, which can also hold packaging waste.

3. Design waste-paper baskets and their material

When it comes to disposal, paper has the great advantage over other rubbish in that it does not soil the bin and only rots slowly. This allows a wide range of materials for a functional, but at the same time beautiful paper waste bin.

Quite classically, a wastepaper bin is made of metal (6), plastic (4) or wood (1). However, pure paper waste also makes it possible to use more interesting materials in terms of haptics and design, such as wicker (3), cork (5) and felt (2). This can even turn your waste-paper basket into a real eye-catcher.

The right material for design paper baskets

Konstantin Slawinski Basketbin - Pictogram

For those who frequently want to dispose of more than just dry and clean waste, such as paper, in their home office, intelligent systems with more than one compartment are ideal: because they create a disposal option for dirty and damp waste without affecting the visual appearance.

Likewise, lids that visually reduce the opening and help to store the paper waste safely and tidily are advantageous for keeping the workplace tidy.

4. Series items for a stylish waste-paper basket design

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "In addition to different sizes of the same wastebasket, some manufacturers also offer other office accessories in the same design, so you can also create uniformity and togetherness at your desk or workspace if needed." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Series articles for a stylish wastepaper basket design

5. Conclusion - what you should look for when buying designer waste-paper baskets

  • The deciding factor in choosing the right paper bin is the place of use and the volume of trash associated with it. The capacity and size range from 7 to 20 liters.
  • Since a waste-paper basket is meant to store only clean and dry trash, there are almost no limits in terms of its material. While models made of metal, plastic or wood provide a classic design, you can set a special accent with a design paper basket made of wicker, cork and felt.
  • Particularly practical are intelligent waste-paper basket systems with an extra insert for damp or dirty waste.
  • To create a uniform and stylish look in the office or home office, series items that include, for example, paper waste bins in different sizes or even more office accessories in the same design, are a practical choice.

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