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Garbage can and wastebasket - for the sake of the environment

Separation of waste is important. Every German citizen produces 661 kilograms of garbage every year. This puts Germany in fourth place in the EU. Only Luxembourg, Cyprus and Denmark produce more waste. Most of what ends up in the trash can, however, be recycled. Only non-recyclable materials end up in waste incineration, which pollutes our environment. So that the recyclable waste is not incinerated, it is important to separate the garbage. The first step are trash cans and paper bins.

Beautiful rubbish bins and wastebasket in the home design shop - your advantages at a glance

Trash can - a wide range of materials

The image of the classic trash can or paper basket made of plastic has long been outdated. It is available in a wide variety of materials. Your imagination is the limit. Above all, paper has two decisive advantages when it comes to disposal: it does not get dirty and it rots slowly. Here you will find a selection of our favorite materials fordesign trash cans and wastebasket.

Metal: There's something high-quality, noble about a stainless steel trash can. It can therefore be used in any room. Particularly practical: stainless steel does not rust, which makes the waste bin an ideal cosmetic bin for the bathroom. TheWaste Bin byEva Solo is a reinterpretation of the classic rubbish bin. It has a swing lid that can be opened evenly on all sides.

Paper: A paper bucket made from paper trash? Yes, it works. The manufacturerGoods produces itspaper from old posters. You will be surprised which poster was used for your waste bin.

Felt: Felt paper baskets look original. In comfortably furnished surroundings, they fit into the room image instead of appearing like a foreign body. Thebin byHey Sign is made from 100 percent pure new wool without any chemicals or recycled textiles. Due to its robust material, it can also be used as a storage basket for toys and the like. More style is not possible!

Plastic: TheGarbino Can proves that plasticdevelop into design icons. TheUmbra waste paper basket was one of the first designs by designerKarim Rashid and is one of the company's best-selling items. Today the nine-liter container is on permanent display at MoMA in New York. Nevertheless: plastic can be used in many ways. This is shown by theBin Bin Eimer byEssey, who is so very different from that of Umbra. It has its own personality and looks exactly like what it was designed for: crumpled paper.

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