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The Watering Can: Tips and Tricks for Plant Care

It often seems as if friends have a green thumb, significantly more green than ours. Their plants flourish as if having a race. But no worries! You will get there, too. A knack for plants is not something everyone is born with. But with a few simple tips and tricks, flora and fauna will soon flourish around you. Everything starts with the right watering can and the the correct watering.

The Design Watering Can in the home design shop - Your Benefits

Tip 1: Use the watering can in the morining...

...and enjoy your day! Never water your plants at noontime. In strong sunlight, most of the liquid will evaporate and your flowers won't benefit from it. Still: no matter at what time, with the can Diva by Alessi you make the right choice. It is one of the first designs of the designer Eero Aarnio and today, rangs among one of the classics from the traditional manufacturer Alessi.

Tip 2: Don't water the leaves:

During strong sunlihgt, moisture on the leaves can heat and thereby damage the cell structure. For pot plants it is advisable to keep the planters slightly slanted and pour the water sideways on the soil. With the Watering Can by Born in Sweden no more water will be spilled. Thanks to the flexible silicone hose at the tank made of stainless steel, water will only go where it's supposed to.

Tip 3: The Watering Can XL: Water for the Thirsty Kind:

A rule of thumb: plants with large leaves tend to need more water than their relatives with smaller leaves. In addition, you should remember that flowers, standing in the sun need more moisture than plants standing in the shade. Hence: water them once a day! For the very thirsty friends, the Koziol watering can Camilla XL made from plastic is the perfect choice. Its capacity is four litres. It saves the annoying refilling with the tap.

Tip 4: Frequent Watering Makes Plants Lazy:

Don't spoil your green darlings too much. Otherwise they will get lazy. Frequent watering, makes the plants to lazy drinkers. According to the motto: supply is always coming. You don't need to use the AquaStar watering can by Eva Solo all the time in order for it to serve its purpose. Thanks to the pointed spout made of polished chrome, which flows into a conical shape, it is a stylish design object that fits on any windowsill as a decoration.

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