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Menu - Carrie LED Lamp Menu - Carrie LED Lamp £119.95 *Hay - Turn On Table Lamp Hay - Turn On Table Lamp from £99.00 *Louis Poulsen - Panthella Mini Table Lamp Louis Poulsen - Panthella Mini Table Lamp from £331.00 *Artemide - Demetra Table Lamp Artemide - Demetra Table Lamp from £58.00 *Flos - Goldman Table Lamp Flos - Goldman Table Lamp £349.00 *Flos - Taccia small LED Table Lamp Flos - Taccia small LED Table Lamp from £697.00 *Hay - Pion Table Lamp Hay - Pion Table Lamp from £159.00 *Hay - Cloche Table Lamp Hay - Cloche Table Lamp from £185.00 *Tom Dixon - Bell Table Lamp Tom Dixon - Bell Table Lamp from £450.00 *Flos - Bon jour Unplugged Table Lamp Flos - Bon jour Unplugged Table Lamp from £221.00 *Bloom! - Portable Lamp LED Bloom! - Portable Lamp LED from £141.00 *Umbra - Cup Lamp Umbra - Cup Lamp £149.00 *Louis Poulsen - NJP Table Lamp Louis Poulsen - NJP Table Lamp from £371.00 *Flos - Taccia LED Table Lamp (PMMA) Flos - Taccia LED Table Lamp (PMMA) from £1,129.00 *Flos - Kelvin Edge Table Lamp Flos - Kelvin Edge Table Lamp from £309.00 *Georg Jensen - Cafu Table Lamp Georg Jensen - Cafu Table Lamp from £290.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL2 Table Lamp Gubi - Bestlite BL2 Table Lamp from £440.00 *Flos - Piani Table Lamp Flos - Piani Table Lamp £230.00 *Flos - Tab LED Table Lamp Flos - Tab LED Table Lamp from £261.00 *Flos - Piani Big Table Lamp Flos - Piani Big Table Lamp £1,455.00 *Tecnolumen - Square LED Multipurpose Lamp Tecnolumen - Square LED Multipurpose Lamp from £212.00 *Flos - D'E Light Table Lamp Flos - D'E Light Table Lamp £349.00 *Flos - Chapo Table Lamp Flos - Chapo Table Lamp £327.00 *Flos - Copycat Table Lamp LED Flos - Copycat Table Lamp LED from £503.00 *FontanaArte - Cheshire LED Table Lamp FontanaArte - Cheshire LED Table Lamp from £437.00 *Flos - Kelvin LED Table Lamp Flos - Kelvin LED Table Lamp £309.00 *Tom Dixon - Base Table Lamp Tom Dixon - Base Table Lamp from £395.00 *Tom Dixon - Stone table lamp Tom Dixon - Stone table lamp £180.00 *Flos - Extra T Table Lamp Flos - Extra T Table Lamp from £437.00 *Tom Dixon - Melt Table Lamp Tom Dixon - Melt Table Lamp £450.00 *Flos - Bon jour Table Lamp Flos - Bon jour Table Lamp from £402.00 *Gubi - Cobra Table Lamp GM2 Gubi - Cobra Table Lamp GM2 £359.00 *Gubi - Gräshoppa Table Lamp Gubi - Gräshoppa Table Lamp £389.00 *Gubi - Pedrera H2O Table Lamp Gubi - Pedrera H2O Table Lamp from £149.00 *Flos - Serena Table Lamp Flos - Serena Table Lamp from £437.00 *Wästberg - w102 Chipperfield Table Lamp  Wästberg - w102 Chipperfield Table Lamp £579.00 *

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Tecnolumen - Wagenfeld lamp WG24

Table Lamps – Small Classics, Big Effect

The right illumination sets the atmosphere of a room. More lighting sources make a room comfortable and give it structure. A table lamp is definitely needed for this. It doesn’t matter if it is small, big, bright or dimmable, as a mixture makes it even better!

Table Lamps in our Interior Design Shop – Your Advantages at A Glance:

Table Lamps - A Stylish Addition

The more the merrier Table lamps are the ideal companion for classic ceiling or pendant lights. Many table lamps have dimmers, which make them the perfect mood lighting. Of course there are also lighter variants which can be used as bedside table, reading or desk lamps.

LED - The Lightbulbs of Tomorrow

Thanks to the energy-saving illuminant the LED table lamp is good for the environment and for your wallet. In addition it offers many different design possibilities. For example, the My New Flame LED by Moritz Waldemeyer, imitating the flickering of a candle with 128 little LEDs. In the post "LEDS and lighting design and topic page we have gathered information about this on our for you.

Find Your Favourite Table Lamp Online in our Design Shop

Gone are the days of table lamps made of wood with a fabric shade.
The are no boundaries for shape and material anymore. Would you like a table lamp in the shape of a teddy bear? Not a problem, you might like the Teddy Bear LED Lamp by Suck UK then. Or how about a trip to distant worlds with the Spacewalker Junior from Dark? If you don't want to go without your wooden table lamp, you will also find a selection in our interior design shop. Simply buy what you like!

Beside table lamps, you will find a large selection of ceiling lights, pendant lights, desk lamps, wall lamps and outdoor lighting. Have them delivered comfortably to your home by Connox within a few workdays!

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