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Wall Lamps – Shining All-Rounders

Until now, wall lamps have always been considered to be a bit shabby. Wrongly so! They outgrew their original function a long time ago and surprise with exceptional light effects and versatile decorative possibilities. Find a big selection in the Connox home design shop. Be inspired!

Wall Lamps in the Home Design Shop – Your Benefits

From moody to electrifying

Lighting creates ambience – both inside and out. Especially for garden parties or barbecues, outdoor lighting can be a true enrichment. A fitting atmosphere allows your parties to go on into the night and turn into unforgettable memories.

LED – The new Way of Lighting

An LED wall lamp isn't just modern and good for the environment and for your wallet. Additionally, it offers versatile design possibilities that you can find in the post "LEDs and Lamps Design" in our world of topics.

Stylish Wall Lamps: Design at Eye-Level

Oftentimes, you wonder about correctly mounting your wall lamp. But it's not as hard as you think.
You can forget about drills an screws if you choose the Sticky Lamp by Droog Design. Simply remove the protective film on the back of the wall lamp and stick it to the wall – voilà! Whether your lamp is at eye-level or higher is up to you. The perfect choice for undecided people is the Bestlite BL5 by Gubi. It is steplessly adjustable along a pole mounted to the wall and the lamp arm is rotatable and movable.

The Mesmeri Halo by Artemide demonstrates that the design of wall lamps is award-worthy.
It was already awarded numerous design prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award. The curved shape and indirect lighting turn the lamp into a special design highlight. Want to purchase design wall lamps online? Let us deliver your favourites comfortably to your home within a few workdays!