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Outdoor cushions - how to find the right garden cushions

  1. The right material for outdoor use
  2. The right size
  3. Colors and style: which outdoor decorative cushions fit best?
  4. Cleaning: The right care for weatherproof cushions
  5. Conclusion
Fermob Ambiente March 2021 09

1. Indoor vs. outdoor - what is the right material for outdoor cushions?

Whether on the sofa, the armchair or the bed - decorative pillows bring a lot of coziness into our four walls. But not only indoors, but also outdoors we want to have it homely and comfortable. Fortunately, many design brands offer a versatile selection of outdoor cushions that are weatherproof and decorative, inviting you to spend a long, comfortable time in the garden or on the balcony.

In order for you to enjoy your decorative cushions and seat cushions for outdoor as long as possible, the most important thing is to choose the right material for the cushion cover and cushion filling. While for indoor cushions mainly light, pleasantly soft materials are used, outdoor cushions must be weatherproof and dirt-repellent . They must be water repellent and also UV impermeable to prevent fading. Therefore, garden cushion covers mainly use durable materials such as polyacrylic/polyester or cotton blend that can withstand the elements and are easy to clean.

Filled, weatherproof outdoor cushions are usually made with durable polyurethane foam , which guarantees long-lasting comfort even outdoors. So when you buy outdoor cushions, first and foremost, make sure that they are specifically labeled as outdoor cushions and are made of the appropriate materials.

Fermob Sauvage Cushion ColorMix Wall Series Ambiente 5

2. Square, practical, good? Choose the right size and shape

Almost as diverse and individual as indoor cushions , outdoor cushions come in the standard sizes 50 x 50 cm, 40 x 40 cm square or else in 30 x 50 cm or 40 x 60 cm rectangular . The square cushions fit on any chair and are therefore particularly versatile. Rectangular outdoor cushions , on the other hand, look particularly nice on wide pieces of furniture, for example a bench in the garden, or decorate larger outdoor lounges.

PUK Outdoor cushion shape according to chair width

So before you buy, it's best to consider where you want to place the cushions. Should it be a seat cushion for a outdoor furniture or an outdoor decorative cushion? Take measurements to create the most comfort possible in your outdoor space. If it should be an outdoor seat cushion, additional loops are helpful to be able to fix the cushions properly.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors ,,Particularly practical: most design outdoor chairs have matching seat cushions or outdoor chair cushions - the advantage is that the size and color ideally match the piece of furniture, do not slip and match the design. So it is guaranteed to be harmonious." - Viktoria, interior design expert

PUK Outdoor Cushion Sizes

1. OYOY - Kyoto Outdoor Cushion | 2. Jan Kurtz - Somnia Outdoor Cushion | 3. ferm Living - Desert Cushion | 4. Södahl - Nordic Cushion

3. From Maritime to Boho - the right outdoor cushion design

Depending on the design, decorative cushions and seat cushions for the outdoor area can significantly influence the mood in the garden and on the balcony. Because just like indoors, cushions outdoor form a central decorative element that can be exchanged and combined as the mood takes you. Plain-colored cushions look nice and simple in the outdoor area and fit in easily with a wide variety of furniture and other outdoor textiles . Also popular in the garden: a classic striped look, which provides a maritime atmosphere . Outdoor cushions in natural tones, checkered or with a delicate floral pattern exude elegant country house charm and are particularly beautiful in larger gardens. Still absolutely trendy: Outdoor cushions in Boho look with wild Aztec patterns, pompons or fringes, which transport the relaxed Bali feeling into your home in no time and unfold their full effect in combination with rattan or bamboo furniture.

No matter which style you choose: When combining the cushions, always stay true to one color family - this is how you achieve the skilfully harmonious look in the outdoor area

PUK Outdoor cushion styles

1. Fermob - Evasion Outdoor cushion & Jan Kurtz - Somnia Outdoor cushion | 2. ferm Living - Way Outdoor cushion & ferm Living - True cushion | 3. Skagerak - Barrier Outdoor Cushion & Fermob - Evasion Outdoor Cushion | 4. Fermob - Bouquet Sauvage Outdoor Cushion & Fermob - Evasion Outdoor Cushion

4. Cleaning outdoor cushions - this is how it works

Above all outdoor seat cushions are frequently used outside and thus it can come with the design grill and fireplace or the comfortable glass of wine on the terrace again and again to stains on the outdoor cushions. Since the outdoor cushions are usually made of stain-resistant, waterproof fabrics, the cleaning fortunately succeeds quite easily. So it is usually enough if you wipe the covers with a damp cloth and a mild lye , about a few drops of detergent, and so clean.

You can shake out crumbs, dust and pet hair directly in the fresh air without any problems. And if the dirt is more stubborn, some pillows or pillowcases can even be cleaned in the washing machine. But be sure to follow the label and washing instructions of your outdoor cushion.

Another tip: Even if it is about outdoor cushions and the beautiful textiles can withstand well and gladly times a small shower, you should store them after the garden season in winter or with persistent rule or hail rather indoors or in a garden shed - so you have long something from the beautiful design of the outdoor cushions and risk no deformation, stains or mold, which can arise if the cushions are soaked for too long.

5. Buying outdoor cushions - what you should consider

  • Look for water and stain resistant fabrics such as polyester and polyacrylic, which are made specifically for outdoor use and protect the garden cushions from fading and unsightly stains.
  • Consider in advance where the cushion will be used. Square cushions are best suited as outdoor seat cushions, whereas rectangular cushions will come into their own on benches or as decorative cushions on outdoor lounges.
  • Outdoor pillows come in a wide variety of styles. Consider which style best suits you and your outdoor space and always stay true to one color family when combining.
  • The weather-resistant materials are usually easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soapy water.
  • Many outdoor seating furniture from Connox come with matching seat cushions as an extra. Buy the matching outdoor cushions for your furniture for maximum comfort.

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Shopping advice at Connox

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