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German Design Award

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German Prize for Outstanding Industrial Design

The German Design Award has set itself the task of honouring particularly groundbreaking designs and design trends - designs that provide answers to the challenges of our time and think design further. The jury of internationally renowned design experts awards outstanding solutions with an interdisciplinary view.

The award is presented German Design Award is awarded in three categories: Architecture, Communications Design and Product Design. The winners of the product design competition change the way we live our everyday lives with their stylish and functional designs.

The award has been German Design Award has been awarded since 2011 by the German Design Council - an industry association that was initiated by the German parliament in 1953 and since then has pursued the goal of honoring outstanding design and making it visible. The German Design Award honours groundbreaking design trends and highlights the crème de la crème of design.

About the German Design Award

This award is worth winning by the best. An international premium award that successfully strengthens the reputation of designers and companies. High-calibre products and projects from product and communication design, design personalities and up-and-coming designers, all of whom are in their own way groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape, are honoured.

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