Gute Gestaltung (Good Design)

The competition Gute Gestaltung (Good Design) is an event by DDC that takes place every year since 2001.

Participants are designers out of all design-areas or also contractors, customers, together or alone.
Works out of all design-disciplines in eight categories are evaluated: and always over the past two years (since the development and realization of designs might take more than 12 months in its single steps).

The eight categories are:

  • Digital Media
  • Photo/Film
  • Graphic Fine Arts
  • Marketing communication
  • Product
  • Room/Architecture
  • Company communication
  • Future (Student's works)

The competition isn't a self-love navel contemplation, but a professional, comprehensible evaluation of the participating works according to given quality-criteria.

  • 100% FAIR
  • The best participating products win.
  • The DDC-Standard includes equal-chances, fairness and absolute transparency.

All the awards are documented in a two-language book. It is a guideline for good design and trend-setting design. The year-book is distributed internationally by bookshops.

The DCC as organizer

The German designer Club (DDC) is an initiative that encourages what is GOOD – Good Design as well as Good Designers and all those that declare themselves part of Good Design. In Germany and beyond its borders (even beyond single disciplines' borders).

Quality of a network of integrated communication that includes all design-disciplines and media-fields will be encouraged and cared as a special focus.

This is the reason why the DDC creates regional, national and international platforms for an interdisciplinary exchange of good design and for the development of good design.

The mutual acceptance, the cuts, the termination of "voicelessness", the communication of designers with each other, with academies and not at last with contractors should be improved by means of these communication platforms and actions.

The engagement of the DDC shows, that food ideas, good design, good shaping don't only display their "artistic" values, but also improve values and are an indispensable factor of economic success.

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