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Büro für Form

Constantin Wortmann

Shortly after completing their industrial design studies, Benjamin Hopf and Constantin Wortmann founded the Büro für Form in Munich in 1998.

Since then, they have continuously searched for the "poetry of form" with a blend of organic and geometric lines.

Their designs show an element of humour and strive for a modern style. One of the design studio's special focuses is on designing furniture, lamps and accessories, though Büro für Form does industrial products too. The Munich-based duo has been able to take home numerous awards (including Form Design Award 2003, Design Plus Award 2004 and iF Design Award 2005). Alexander Aczél entered Büro fur Form in 2001 as "Head of Graphic Design".

In 2007, Benjamin Hopf left Büro für Form after nine successful years and founded his own design studio in Munich. Constantin Wortmann has since then been the person in charge for the design of the products. All products from Büro für Form that were developed between 1998 and 2006 were created as part of both designers' collaboration.The German designer Constantin Wortmann enjoys playing with the viewer's perception.He studied design in Hamburg and Munich.He still considers the lighting designer Ingo Maurer, who he interned for as a student, one of his influences and role models.He co-founded Büro für Form with Benjamin Hopf in 1998.In 2007 Benjamin Hopf left the company and went his own way.Since 1999 he has also had a successful collaboration with next, led by Thomas Schulte.Even today he still assists on and designs various lighting and art projects.In my designs, I combine often organic shapes with ordered geometry.At first glance it seems very wild, curvy and almost a little bit chaotic.If you look closer, you can see the geometry of the designs.

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