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Bjørn + Bjørn

Bjørn + Bjørn

Tina Bjørn Midtgaard and Christian Bjørn are a designer couple from Copenhagen. They work with numerous design aspects, communication, exhibitions and programmes of individuality.

Christian Bjørn has been a key figure of Danish design since the late 70s. Today, he is seen as having contributed a substantial part to the introduction of industrial design as an independent subject in Denmark.

Trained architect Tina Bjørn Midtgaard founded the Arts and Design Gallery Superobjekt. Since graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, she has also concentrated on interdisciplinary projects, among others for the Danish government. Together, the designer couple Bjørn + Bjørn covers a wide range of the design scene thanks to their versatile experiences.

In general, Bjørn + Bjørn determine products and areas that could be improved. This results in simple, functional, aesthetic and sometimes even humorous products that correspond to the demands of consumers and enhance their everyday lives.

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