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Enrico Baleri

Enrico Baleri

Enrico Baleri was born in Albino, Bergamo in 1942 and studied architecture at the Polytecnic in Milan. After an invitation by Dino Gavina, he opened a showroom for furniture in Bergamo in 1965.

He was also a founding member of the "Pluri-Group", a group that focuses on design research.

In 1979, Baleri founded the design company Alias together with Giandomenico Belotti and Carlo Forcolini and he was the Art Director there until 1983. His customers included Gavina, Flos, Knoll International and Alias, for whom he designed furniture, lamps and objects.

Baleri founded Italian design company Baleri Italia (formerly Cerruti Baleri) in 1984 together with Marilisa Decimo and cooperated with renowned international designers such as Hollein, Mendini, Starck, Dalisi and Wettstein.

Moreover, Baleri promoted and organised Industrial Design and cultural architectural initiatives, always emphasising the difference between the academic and the business world. During his presidency of the Associazione Casa Malaparte (1989-92), he directed attention towards the Modern Movement buildings in Capri and advocated vehemently for their preservation. After an invitation from the Alvar Aalto Foundation in Helsinki, Baleri initiated the Comitato Italiano Aalto / Viipuri in order to participate in a worldwide donations initiative that would restore the Viitpuri library, Aaltos masterpiece in Russia.

In order to continue actively working for research in product design and development, Baleri founded "eb&c" together with Marilisa Baleri Decimo and Luigi Baroli in 2004 as a research institute that cooperates with Baleri Italia and other companies.