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Goula & Figuera

Goula & Figuera

Beauty for the Daily Life

Goula & Figuera is a Spanish design studio based in Barcelona. The studio was founded by Pablo Figura and Álvaro Goula, who combine conceptual and commercial design and complement each other in their work.
At the end of the day, people need beauty in their everyday lives and businesses; we as suppliers or creators of necessities should be able to provide that.

Creators of needs - that's what Goula & Figuera want to be, that's why their main focus is absolutely, almost obsessively, set on the shape of the product, which manifests itself in the aesthetic value, the expression of the material and the respectful production process. Their objects strive for elegance and ease and are intuitively usable. They, however, avoid unnecessary decorative elements and everything in form, that aim higher than the pure benefits. Goula & Figuera's claim is not to change the world through their design, but to maybe make it a little nicer and easier.

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