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Helle Damkjær

Helle Damkjær

The search for the perfect shape and colour, which forever brings us joy and a higher quality of life, have brought graphic and industrial designer Helle Damkjær all over the world. As a result of her work at leading design studios in Milan, London, Paris, Chicago and Düsseldorf, Helle Damkjær is today a renowned designer.

"Environmentally aware harmony" is what Helle Damkjær calls her design philosophy, in which simple and almost minimalistic functionality commences with beautiful shapes, which bring greater quality into our surroundings. With an exceptional sense for shapes and colours, and their effect on peoples' well-being, Damkjær achieves the maximum effect with the most modest resources.

This fundamental design philosophy is fully displayed in Helle Damkjær's new ash trays, which are produced for Rosendahl. Perfect for the tasteful smoker, as well as the non-smoker wishing to make their smoking guests feel special, the ash tray's organically simple design made in stainless steel contains clever smoke and smell reduction features. These make for more comfortable surroundings - a cleaner impression in functionality, as well as in the beautiful harmonic shape.

The subjects of the beautiful, round shapes can also be found in the creation of the Bloom bowl for Georg Jensen. The discreet, minimalist design of the bowl combines noble shaping and pure functionalism. The round shape and the inner harmony of these items are reflected in the people's everyday life and, according to Helle Damkjær, simplify it.

Today Helle Damkjær resides in Paris, where she works in her own design studio.