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Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford is a brand consultant and the mind behind Studioluise. Crawford founded her design studio in 2001 in the British capital, London. Since then she has produced long-lasting, charismatic brands and products under the name Studioilse. In 1989 Ilse Crawford was a founding member of the magazine Elle Decoration and from 1998 to 2000 also the vice-president of DKNY.

At the centre of Ilse Crawford's designs are people and the way they perceive the world. Crawford represents a democratic approach to design and is the pioneer of "modern and emotional design", where people and their needs are in the foreground.

Crawford has already established a number of outstanding brands, including the Soho House Group and star chef Mathias Dahlgren's restaurant, which can be found in the world's top 50 restaurants. Ilse Crawford has also made a name for herself as a public person, design commentator, author and curator.

As a product designer, Ilse Crawford has designed products including the Precious Box for Georg Jensen.

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