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Kristina Stark

Kristina Stark

Garden Lantern

Kristina Stark is a Swedish industrial designer who has run her own company "Design: Kristina Stark" since 2008. She develops many products, including ones for cooking and serving. Some of her customers are Höganäs ceramics, Boda Nova, Gense and Design House Stockholm.

"I am always searching for simplicity. To find the essence. To find the heart of the object. How many times have I sought to find the right form without unnecessary lines and decorative elements? The challenge is to eliminate the things that you don't need. It is much easier to add something than to take it away. (...) Simplicity is a difficult goal." says Stark on her personal design process. The simpler the form, the better the product. Design's greatest challenge is reduction.

Website by Kristina Stark