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Leif Jørgensen

The trained architect Leif Jørgensen is especially famous for his work doing the layout of the Diesel stores in Scandinavia. On top of this, he has built himself a reputation as an interior designer. Today he works largely for the Danish design company Hay, for whom he has designed and developed the basic furniture series Loop Stand and more.

Jørgensen's roots are in architecture and this is especially visible if you take a look at how precisely his works are planned spatially. He is also particularly successful as co-partner of the drawing office BS Architects, which can be seen with a quick glance at the growing number of employees: from 2 to 15 within four years.

One of Jørgensen's absolute classics is the Loop bed, which came about in the late 80s and was designed for Copenhagen design company LLLP. Today it's part of the Hay collection and after 20 years has not lost any of it's aesthetics - simply timeless. An attribute that applies to many of Jørgensen's designs.