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Mia Lagerman

Mia Lagerman

Scandinavian design

Mia Lagerman (former Gammelgaard) was born in Stockholm, was raised in Sweden and Denmark and finished her degree in furniture design at the Konstfack, the largest art and design school in Sweden. After her studies she worked for the Design Studio Copenhagen and for IKEA, for which she has developed countless products. At the same time, Mia became a partner in the Design Studio Pelican Copenhagen. She worked more than ten years Pelikan before she founded her own Studio MIA Gammelgaard Design in 2006.

In her own Studio she creates a wide range of products from sanitary facilities and furniture to lamps and product design. As a designer, Mia Lagerman sees her continuous development process - from the idea to the production up to the final result - like a trip to the optimal solution. The dialogue with the project partners and the development of innovative methods are important aspects.

Numerous awards and prestigious partner testify to her success. However she would not rest on her success, which is why, years after graduating at the Konstfack, she started a master degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen.

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