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Ole Palsby


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Ole Palsby

Honesty, sustainable use of resources and responsibility - Ole Palsby's concern is quality in everyday life. He wants to bring design to the people by transferring user friendliness from the professional kitchen to the domestic one. When making a design, it's a matter of getting to the point where there's nothing left to add or leave out. The products will not steal the attention from meals and drinks, in Ole Palsby's opinion, instead they'll get a chance to be seen and emphasise appearance, fragrance and form.

When designing his devices, the preparation, meal and table take centre stage for Ole Palsby. Ole Palsby often draws his inspiration from Japan and Zen philosophy, which characterises his basic attitude to design: "The overall impression is created equally by all senses - eye, mouth, nose, ear and hand" - and shows him the way to the goal of his design:

"To design devices for the kitchen and table so that they're an integrated part of meal preparation and the meal itself." Ole Palsby has designed storage jars, including for Rosendahl. The basic idea was to give the jars a timeless expression. The lid on the jars has the characteristic bent handle, which is present in many of Ole Palsby's designs.

The design indicates the function: the lid comes off in a simple vertical movement.In addition to Rosendahl, Ole Palsby has also created famous products for Eva Trio, Alfi and WMF.