Fiam was founded in 1975 by Francesco Favagrossa. The company’s focus is on quality, comfort and design “made in Italy”. With its furniture and products, the company has been both the benchmark and trendsetter.


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Fiam was founded in 1975 by Francesco Favagrossa. Fiam has always been run with the care and enthusiasm of a family company. Since the beginning, the company's priority has been to create and produce patented furniture and products of high quality, comfort and design. Nowadays, Fiam products are sold all over the world. Sunloungers and sun chairs such as Fiesta, Amigo and Samba are still leading products in the market, setting standards for competitors.

The whole approach at Fiam is strictly "Made in Italy" using the latest technical solutions, from the choice of materials to the careful checkup of various processing steps. Customers are given the maximum in comfort, safety and durability. High resistance aluminium and steel, sophisticated technical fabrics and accessories made of carefully selected materials are combined to achieve maximum lightness and durability.

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