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Furniture from the Republic of Fritz Hansen is of course a part of the leading architecture in the world in its time. The company has been writing its success story, which was significantly influenced by star designer Arne Jacobsen since 1872.


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Fritz Hansen Furniture – design that conquered the world

Furniture from the Republic of Fritz Hansen was traditionally created by great architects and designers and are of course a part of the leading architecture in the whole world in its time. They are a natural facet of international company images and the identity of modern city dwellers.

The story, which has led to this standing, is just as unique as the furniture, which forms this story. It begins with a visionary master carpenter from the province, whose name today embodies a formative design philosophy. A philosophy which has also and still inspires the leading architects and designers worldwide, for over 140 years.

Fritz Hansen came to Copenhagen in 1872, founded his first carpenter's workshop and made a name for himself with his own furniture range up to 1885.

Change of generations and growing internationality

The founder handed on his skills to his son Christian E. Hansen at the turn of the century, who with prestigious orders (amongst others for the Danish Royal Family) could rapidly expand the company's good reputation.

An order for the Town Hall in Copenhagen led to the first collaboration with an architect. After the company went over to industrial furniture production in the 20th

century it soon began to orient itself internationally with Christian Hansen's sons joining the company.
The first steel furniture in Denmark found recognition in New York but not in its domestic market.

The today legendary Arne Jacobsen worked for Fritz Hansen from the 30s. However, his star first rose from 1952 as he recognised the potential of the bonding technology developed to perfection by the founder's grandson Sören Hansen.

In the beginning there was the "Ant" , a chair which is still the bestseller in the company history today. Jacobsen later designed the "Egg" and the "Swan" for his own modernist masterwork, the Royal Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Both of the chairs are international and timeless style icons today.

His Oxford chair is the epitome of design by Fritz Hansen and embodies originality, simplicity and lightness as well as sculptural qualities. Further design greats such as Paul Kjaerholm , the enfant terrible Verner Panton and the great architect Henning Larsen coined the history of Fritz Hansen from the 50s. The Republic of Fritz Hansen was founded in order to accommodate the international orientation and opening for international designers and architects. The Republic is based on a design philosophy which is to be timeless and relevant to the times, simple, original and sculptural. The design philosophy has been continued since then by young talented and already successful Danish designers and international stars such as Kasper Salto , Morten Voss or the German Jehs /& Laub .

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