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Engagement Gifts

Engagement Gifts - A Loving Sign of Intimacy

An engagement gift is one of the first steps between lovers towards a lifetime of intimacy. Unique gifts for the occasion need to be elegant and romantic, edgy, and always highly personal. In the Connox shop you'll find magical inspiration which will bring joy to your eyes and heart.

Meaningful Gifts for the Engagement

Would you like to give each other personal couple's gifts for this important occasion? Then your best bet is on something shared and reliable. Do you already know the Nappula candelabra by Iittala? It is a very extravagant candleholder made of white porcelain. As an engagement gift, it symbolises the sincerity of your love with its colour and the uniqueness between you with its Finnish design. It's time to celebrate yourself and your marriage proposal the proper way! Friends and relatives invited to this day should also choose unique, symbolic gifts for your engagement. In addition to elegant and individual, they can also of course be handy - perfect for the traditionally prepared 'love nest'. Our Pull floor lamp by Muuto gives light, is adjustable in height and is an elegant eye catcher in any living environment with Swedish design.

Engagement Gifts for Inside or Outside

Maybe you want to give a gift to a couple whose closeness to nature is already known? In this case you will find engagement gift ideas in the Connox Shop, ones which adorn an outdoor evening in the garden or on the terrace. The Fuji Fireplace from Keilbach looks like a tall, airily constructed plant pot. It consists of copper exterior elements that over the years develop an elegant patina on the outside. The couple can use the vessel as a classic charcoal grill, light a fire in it on a party night or put a decorative highlight on the terrace without even burning anything inside. After the engagement, couples in love might share time together by candlelight, perhaps a warming evening moment in the lead-up to Christmas or just in front of a burning flame. For this occasion the Season candleholder by Georg Jensen is ideal, coming in three variants. The base of the four-part indoor accessory consists of intricately intertwined, round metal bands in matte silver, glittering gold plating or polished mirror silver. Depending on your taste, the base can be decorated with branches or fruits, and this way the romantic candle holder transforms into a traditional Advent wreath.

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