Mediterranean Living

How to bring that holiday feeling home with you

Ronda Armchair and Cambi Table by Emu

The Mediterranean is known for its cultural diversity, southern temperament and a certain savoir vivre. We show you how to design your home with wooden furniture, warm natural tones and colourful accessories - as if you were on holiday.

Mediterranean Interior - This is How It Works:

1. Mediterranean Furniture and Ornaments Made of Wood
2. Mediterranean Colours
3. Various Influences From Other Countries
4. Mediterranean Flair for the Patio

1. Mediterranean Furniture and Ornaments Made of Wood

The Mediterranean woods include walnut, pine and of course olive wood. The olive tree is the symbol of the Mediterranean region and combines the multicultural diversity of different countries. The Mediterranean woods convey the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and give the room a natural charm. Wooden furniture brings a rural and rustic touch. If solid wood furniture is too heavy for you, you can simply fall back on high-quality home accessories or wooden kitchen boards.

Collosseum Wooden Tray by Spring Copenhagen

Knoll - Straight Chair, walnut wood
Flapper Coat Stand by Umbra in White / Walnut
Wall Mirror Ø 18 cm by Bloomingville
Caravel Candleholder by Spring Copenhagen out of walnut wood.

2. Mediterranean Colours

The Mediterranean style is characterised by warm earthy colours and light natural tones. Azure blue underlines the proximity to the sea. Olive green stands for the olive tree. The more light tones you choose, the airier and cooler the room appears. Earth tones such as terracotta and ochre add warmth to the ambience. Contrasting colours such as yellow, red, lavender and black create energy.

The nanimarquina - Hayon x Nani Carpet

Kartell - Papyrus Armchair, olive green
Terracotta Dish Ø 27 cm von Hay
Yellow Fish (Bloch) 180 x 100 cm by IXXI
S1 Sideboard by Andersen Furniture in oiled Oak / Doors in Pale Olive
ferm Living - Plant Box, red-brown

3. Various Influences From Other Countries

The Mediterranean style lives from the different influences from Southern Europe, Turkey and North Africa. What unites these countries is, of course, the Mediterranean sea. That is why azure blue is almost always part of the colour concept. You can choose the decorative objects depending on the country with which you feel particularly connected.

4. Mediterranean Flair for the Patio

The outdoor area is particularly suitable for creating a Mediterranean atmosphere. Flower pots made of terracotta and exotic shapes set the scene for fern, palms or olive trees.

Flower Pot with Saucer M by Hay in Terracotta
Flower Pots Minigarden in Teak Wood without Rack by Jan Kurtz in Small
Ruckstuhl - Waikiki Outdoor-carpet

5. Marble Provides Timeless Elegance

The precious stone material is reminiscent of Greek busts and imposing palaces. It is a material that is always contemporary and does not age due to its nature. Marble is particularly effective on individual objects and can be combined well with other stone materials and natural textiles such as linen.

With the Mediterranean style of living you bring the south to your home. And with it, the joy of warm woods, colourful home accessories and the memory of the sea. Enjoy redecorating your home!

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Article from the 2018-07-10, by Caren Schwenke

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