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Moebe - Mirror

The mirrors by Moebe are a must-have in every home in a wide variety of shapes and designs. The first mirror that the brand conceived is the round wall mirror.

The Mirror Collection by Moebe

"For us, it's always been about constructing simple and elegant ways to focus on the reflection of the mirror glass."

With this basic idea, Moebe designs the most diverse mirrors, from the most exclusive shape to the most natural colors. With a great attention to detail, the design company finds the best solution to simplify the connection between glass and construction, reducing the amount of different materials to the minimum.

"A mirror is more than just a reflection of ourselves; It is a way to let in natural light or enhance certain interior details"

Moebe's mirrors are designed to serve more than one purpose. They provide reflection on the viewer, of course, but they can do more than that: they are designed to enhance the spatial perception of rooms and can make the room feel larger, let in natural light or enhance certain architectural details.

Thus, it is up to the viewer whether to let the mirror merely perform its conventional task or to display it as a modern work of art that frames whatever the heart desires.