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nanimarquina - Mélange

nanimarquina - Mélange

Modern Kilim Rugs

The Mélange collection by Sybilla is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, and craft and design and builds a bridge between past and present. The series includes more than 20 rugs, which feature geometric patterns in different colours, representing the modern versions of a traditional kilims.
All rugs of the collection are made according to the traditional Pakistani way in elaborate manual work from 100% wool. Originally, the Kilim was produced by African and Asian nomads, to serve as floor covering, wall carpet or tent spread. Today, a carpet that has been woven in traditional Kilim, carries a kind of authenticity and freedom with it. The patchwork effect of the Mélange collection is especially highlighted when the rugs are overlapping, creating a warm and natural atmosphere for a decorative purpose.

In addition, graphically matching pouf from the Mélange belong to the rugs collection. This way, they can be placed on the rugs and create a mood like in a nomad tent, where almost everything took place close to the ground.


Mélange rug collection

The fashionable Mélange rugs by nanimarquina come from the fashion designer Sybilla. The hand-woven rugs skillfully combine modern, graphical design with traditional craftsmanship to make a floor covering of the highest quality.