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Radius - Home Flame Collection

Conviviality or reflective relaxing at the homely fire becomes possible everywhere with the new combustion chamber by Radius Design, it is affordable for everyone, and: it reaches traditional chimney quality with bio combustion fuels.

The open chimney was the focus of the living area before it became a luxurious symbol. Running with methylated spirit and pastes, a lot of pseudo chimneys entered the houses in the past years. Real enthusiasts of open fires couldn't be convinced because of one simple reason: the flames reminded a torch, more than a chimney fire, or they blazed without power.

The specialty of the fireplace from Radius Design is the combustion chamber out of double-walled stainless steel, whose core is a special ceramic sponge. It ensures a balanced and equal combustion until the last drop of bio ethanol has gone, creating a huge, beautiful, balanced fire-game. The combustion chamber in the "Pure" edition can be placed in every fireproof construction because of its through thought assembly, so that it could also insert new life into disused chimneys. Integrated into the elegant wall, floor or table corpuses that have been developed by the designer and Radius Design leader Michael Rösing, they will become an attractive eye-catcher in every home.