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Rosti Mepal

For more than 50 years, Rosti Mepal has been responsible for the development of exceptional plastic products. Since the beginning of 1950, Rosti Mepal has its own design department. Products development is based on customer proximity and needs.

For more than 50 years, Rosti Mepal has been responsible for the development of exceptional plastic products. Many products have been in the Rosti Mepal collection for decades. With high quality, outstanding functional properties, timeless basic shapes, as well as changing colour concepts and decors, the Rosti Mepal range has remained up to date for years.

Rosti Mepal is located in Lochem, the Netherlands, and focuses on the production, design, manufacturing and distribution of plastic products. Marketing, sales and logistics is also an integral part of the organisation. This aspect ensures that clients enjoy a high level of service, flexibility and continuity. The heart of production is in the Netherlands. The material, product quality, safety and implementation of the Rosti Mepal products are subject to stringent requirements.

Since its establishment in the 1950s, Mepal has been a trusted name in the Dutch market, a synonym for plastic consumer products. A comparable position is attributed to the original Danish brand Rosti, which was also established in the middle of the last century. In 1993 Mepal and Rosti merged into a single enterprise, the current Rosti Mepal.

In our modern society the consumer not only appreciates the products for their generic value, but also for their ability to fit in with a modern lifestyle. This is why Rosti Mepal follows the trends meticulously and offers a collection in contemporary colours and decorations without compromising the functional aspects.

This design language is mainly adapted in North Europe and includes original solutions and modest styling. Rosti Mepal has Scandinavian roots since Rosti was originally a Danish company. The Dutch Mepal and Rosti have had a long tradition of collaboration and is a single enterprise since 1993.

Since its inception in 1950, Rosti Mepal has had its own design department which has accumulated a great deal of expertise based on feedback from the consumer markets. At times products have had to carefully evolve along cultural traditions. There is also the challenge to find new forms and solutions that can meet the changing needs or lifestyles of consumers. The ultimate test of any design after all is whether the consumer is a satisfied end-user. The proof that Rosti Mepal has succeeded to this end is the fact that many of these products have been part of its collection for decades.

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