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Serax brings beauty to the home, adds character to the Eihcrichtung and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. The collections of Serax are distinguished by their shape, material and style.

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Family business from Antwerp with passion

Serax brings beauty to the home, adds character to the interior and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. Serax works exclusively with passionate designers from all over the world and handcrafts products using traditional methods. From Vietnam to Antwerp to Portugal, skilled artisans produce the items while respecting the basic ideas of each design. The collections of Serax stand out for their shape, material and style. Serax is looking for beauty, for the things that make life worth living, and for everything that creates a happy home - to experience, share and discover.

Serax is the joint project of SERge and AXel Van Den Bossche, two brothers who grew up surrounded by flower pots in their mother's business. From its humble beginning in a garage in 1986, the small business has grown over the past thirty years into a multinational company with over 65 employees and a head office in Antwerp. Today the company is managed by Axel. Axel's wife Marie Michielssen is the in-house designer of Serax and has designed, among other things, the famous 'Cactus Vase'. Serax is a family business that has passion in its blood.

Collaboration with both well-known and lesser-known designers is in the genes of Serax . In 1990, the brand began a kind of test collaboration with Peter Arts, which caused a stir in the field of interior design. A year later Serax gained international fame through its collaboration with floral artist Daniel Ost, who designed 'The Flower Booth' for the French design fair Maison & Objet. The foundation stone was laid. Since then Serax entered into numerous partnerships that have led to renowned collections and international success.

Over the past thirty years Serax grown rapidly without ever losing sight of its basic principles. For this reason, all collections are made according to traditional craftsmanship. Serax travels the world with selected prototypes of designers to find the appropriate skilled craftsmen for a more extensive production. From Vietnam to Antwerp to Portugal - always in line with the designer's design and philosophy.

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