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Stelton represents a very special view of the world, we call it "the Stelton state of mind." – the belief in surprising, innovative, functional and high-quality Scandinavian design.

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Stelton represents a very special view of the world,

we call it “the Stelton state of mind” – the belief in surprising, innovative, functional and high-quality Scandinavian design. Stelton was founded in 1960 with the goal of selling stainless steel table ware for the Danish market. Already in 1964, the then-director Peter Holmblad established a close cooperation with the Danish architect and design professor Arne Jacobsen. The basic idea was to design a series of stainless steel products whose individual items would always play together to form a harmonious whole. The result was the Cylinda collection. The Cylinda collection was launched in 1967. The balanced and functional design quickly brought the collection to fame.

Since its launch, the Cylinda collection has been a huge success that was surely propelled by winning the Danish Industrial Design Award in 1967 and the international Design Award by the American Institute of Interior Design in 1968. At the height of his international success, Arne Jacobsen passed away in 1971. The Cylinda collection was extended by a few pieces of which design sketches could be found. The Cylinda collection, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1992, consists of 34 products.

Stelton has worked together with Erik Magnussen since 1975. The young designer and ceramicist was previously known as the designer of porcelain services for Bing & Grøndahl. In 1977, the stainless steel thermos jug was lauched. The thermos jug has a unique toggle closure and remains the most-sold item by Stelton to day. Two years later, the thermos jug was also introduced in ABS plastic. A range of new products such as an ice bucket, a serving tray, a sugar bowl, a milk jug and a set of salad bowls followed.

Stelton was awarded the “ID-prize" by the Danish Design Council and a number of Stelton products are exhibited in a.o.The Museum of Modern Art and The Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Victoria & Albert Museum and British Museum in London, Die Neue Sammlung in Munich and Kunstindustrimuseet in Copenhagen.

In the beginning of 2004 the company’s ownership changed, now with the majority stockholder Michael Ring as the head. New objectives for the modernisation of Stelton were announced. Stelton should continue to stand for innovative and practical Scandinavian design – under consideration of the highest quality. Based on this idea, the product development will be elevated dramatically in the next few years. New designers will help lead the design company into a new era.

The sales department and the showroom are located in one of the most innovative and creative areas of Copenhagen, Christianshavn. This production is situated in Fårevejle, about 100 kilometres from Copenhagen.

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