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The perfect size for the planter.

Planters are the home of every plant and flower. They need to feel comfortable in the planter so they grow tall and stay healthy. Therefore, make sure that their planter fits the size of the plant. Only if it has enough space, it will manage to grow. Remember to repot the plants regularly - have enough cachepots in different sizes at home for this. It is best to buy cachepots two to three centimeters larger than the planter, so that even after replanting the pot is still large enough.

Cachepots as accessories

Planters show off plants and set the scene. They match with the room and blend into the ambience without any decency. A colored pot sets accents.

The right materials for the planter.

You can use planters for indoors and outdoors, depending on the materials and texture. They come in metal, wood, plastic, concrete and ceramic. Most planters are made of ceramic and usually have a smooth glazed surface. These are the easiest to clean, making it easy to remove water marks and soil. Plastic planters are extremely decorative and come in countless styles. Should they fall down, they do not break.

You can plant most planters directly. Just make sure they have a hole in the bottom so excess water can drain out. With fabric planters and other water-permeable materials, you'll definitely need a saucer. It also allows enough air to get to the soil.