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Christmas tree decorations

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Baubles were among the first commercially manufactured Christmas tree ornaments. Until the late 19th century, the Christmas tree was decorated with sweets, apples and nuts. Later, it was decorated with hand-crafted items. Although crafting Christmas tree decorations is still today a beautiful pre-Christmas activity — especially for children — Christmas trees without baubles are unimaginable. The Connox interior design shop offers versatile baubles — made of glass, porcelain and brass. Be inspired and transform your Christmas tree into a real eye-catcher.

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The Tradition of Glass Baubles

Glass baubles first found their way into European culture in the middle of the 19th Century. The story goes that a poor glass blower from a small mountain village in Germany (Lauscha in Thuringia) couldn't afford the expensive walnuts and apples that traditionally decorated Christmas trees, so instead created glass tree decorations and strings of tin to adorn the tree. After that, glass baubles became hugely popular in Germany and spread through Britain with the tree itself after Prince Albert introduced some German Christmas traditions to our shores. Nowadays, glass baubles are part and parcel of decorating the Christmas tree, but designers no longer limit themselves to the classic spherical shape. Today, you can find baubles in any shape imaginable, for example the A di Alessi Nativity Baubles made of mouth-blown glass.

Christmas Tree Bauble Set

Each designer creates individual pieces and, even though every design is unique, they all come together on the Christmas tree. Every year, a new Georg Jensen Christmas ornament is released, perfect for collectors of gold Christmas tree decorations. Each one is designed in brass and plated with 24 carat gold, with exquisite detailing such as a delicate engraving of a golden mistletoe twig, which adorns a heart-shaped bauble. The A di Alessi nativity baubles also form a set: each piece is made of mouth-blown glass and represents a character from the nativity story. A beautiful Christmas bauble set like this brings your Christmas tree decorations together without making your tree monotonous.

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

If you want to design your own baubles, snug.studio have some beautiful origami DIY Baubles, ideal for making with children. These DIY baubles come in the form of printed craft sheets for folding and sticking to create six colourful decorations in modern geometric designs. The Black Magic Chalkboard Baubles by Corpus Delicti are another creative opportunity for the Christmas tree. Write your favourite Christmas carol lyrics, doodle a reindeer, or leave a message for Santa in chalk! Then, rub it out and create something new - the perfect unique Christmas decoration.

Buy Designer Christmas Tree Baubles Online at Connox – An Overview of Your Advantages

Connox has a huge selection of Christmas tree decorations by top designer brands from all over the world. Let us help and inspire you to decorate your own individual Christmas tree.

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